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The AxeTruth Show - 10/21 We the People Are Pissed Off

Axe Truth
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Published on 25 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

At this point, We The People Are Pissed Off.

1. Don Jr annouce Trump launching social media app set to launch in Feb 2022

2. Florida woman opens fire to defend her home as exotic dog robbery turns into shootout

3. Blackistan News: Atlanta Mayor, Police Chief frustrated by people recording shooting without calling 911

4. Gunman killed in shoot out with police midtown high rise, kills girlfriend then himself

5. in Philadelphia Man in custody accused in series of sexual assaults on SEPTA trains and property, sources say

6. Lying , Cheating, Stealing is all black democrats are about, they are crooked to their core. Hakeem Jefferies forces Merrick Garland to reiterate that the 2020 election was the most secure in American history

7. Big fat morbidly obese Stacey and the Democrats are panicking about the new voting laws being established across the country because they prevent them from CHEATING .. that's the only way those sorry kneegrows can get elected

8. In Alphabet Rainbow Cult News - Vermont high school's halftime show is a drag pageant ball

9. Condoleezza Rice schools The View on Critical Race Theory

10. Justin Trudeau say they instituted a national standard proof of vaccination certificate

11. Megyn Kelly Takes Blowtorch to Biden and Fauci “I’M SICK OF THIS BULLS**T”

12. Christina Kelso wants to enact a citizens arrest at the Patisserie Angelica bakery in Sebastopol California for enforcing the unconstitutional mask mandate.

13. 750 General Electric employees in Ohio walked off the job today in protest of vaccine mandates

14. More Papers are being served in UK. to official being charge with violating international The Nuremberg Code (1947) Permissible Medical Experiments

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