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The AxeTruth Show - 10/18 The Worlds Gone Mad

Axe Truth
Axe Truth - 71 Views
Published on 22 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

I know it seems like the world's gone mad... and parts of it has.. but the sleeping giant is awakening all over the world.. Once awaken you don't go back to sleep .

1. Vernon "Where The White Women At" Jones Said Stew Peters Was Being “Dishonest”; Court Papers Say Jones Has Racist, Anti-White History... Also his pandering to southerners jumping up on tractors with cowboy hat reminds you of Hillary Clinton claiming "She's no ways tired"
Vernon Jones have complaints from 2 white girls he tried to lure into his hotel for 3 some.

2. In Alphabet Soup News Superman is gay , also DC comic Announces Superman Will No Longer Protect "The American Way

3. CDC releases COVID travel guidance for holiday season claiming those that are unvaccinated should not travel see family for holidays ... wtf

4. Dr. Carrie Madej explains how to detox from the vaccine out of your system

5. FDA admits the vaccine is killing more people than it is saving , its on their website

6. The World has Gone Mad CNN and MSM Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.

7. Warm welcome for Bill Gates arriving in London ARREST BILL GATE, Car Is prevented from entering Downing Street by protesters shouting Arrest Bill Gates he due to attend dinner tonight about Global Britain

8. Washington State rising up against vaccine mandates & huge banner in NY times square with Resident Joe Biden holding statue liberty head cut off

9. MkUltra Greta Thunberg dances, sings ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ during climate event , looking like a straight up RETARD

10. DHS Insider Who Exposed ‘Reasonable Fear’ Migrant Asylum Loophole GOES PUBLIC!

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