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The Armor of God

Exposing Corruption
Exposing Corruption - 94 Views
Published on 19 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

TAV: QAnon Soundtrack Composer:

Ephesians 6:10-18
Lyrics Below:

Corn Pop
Better get the butter
Game of Clue
Kernel's yellow
Say HELLO, Colonel Mustard

The Plan's about to go Superbad
Fix the past - bad to good
Don't even ask, it's all McLovin

When the "Breastplate" is in place
The righteous gonna beat the rest

QUR vest

"Shield" of faith get it straight
Flaming arrows don't penetrate

They don't penetrate
Watch em buckle like around your waist

"Belt" of truth when the news fake

Stand firm
"Shoes" ready
We got gospel
Peace the prize for the apostles (12)

When a bakers dozen give daily bread
It's a Q thang, but it's heaven sent

And when The Storm hit
We prepped
Thank God for every Q test (2625)

Thank God for Flynn
Thank God for Rogers
Thank God for operators
Damn you know they've seen darkness
All the MIL and a milly more
Armored up for the final war

March Madness - Final 4
Spirits up - God's "Sword"
Got The Bible and we got THE WORD
Word up
When it rains it pours
"Helmets" on
Under God like one nation
Under rocks where the evil stationed
Shedding light in the dark places

Never kickin rocks (4414)
Pullin up our socks
This ain't the time to be complacent

So we armored up in a Flying V
We don't give a [D]uck
Trump got the lead
Aww shucks
Twitter down
Rising up and we get around
Round & Round (π)
Merry GQ
Christmas gift to the globe
Gift of the gab like a snow globe
Shake it up when THE WORD spoke
Break em up
Shake em down
Big Tech get vertigo

New platform
New plateau
To form thoughts like Plato

Gods Armor - let freedom ring
We change things - Play-Doh.


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