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Are you the scapegoat?
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Thank You President Trump

Sensus Fidelium
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Published on 26 Jan 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

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Donald Trump was never a savior, he was simply a man who loved the country that gave him so much. He left a very nice life. He had lots of accomplishments. He was a man who largely worked in the hospitality business and in real estate. Therefore, he listened to people and he cared about their interests and needs. And he brought this populist mindset to the nation’s capital. He would be a voice for those that had not been listened to in the past. In some sense, thought, it was like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington for he was unprepared for the amount of hatred that city had for him. As Manhattan people saw this Queens person as an outsider in Trump’s early real estate days, so DC saw him as an alien that was highly unwelcome. And they went after him while still on the campaign trail. Obama and Biden and others would try anything to make sure he didn’t win or if he did win an insurance policy was in place. Forces within the Justice Department, the State Department, the intelligence agencies would all be aimed against him from day one. There was no peaceful transition of power in 2016. Let me repeat myself…there was no peaceful transition of power in 2016. Obama never left DC but he set up shop there. The insurance policy would play out. For a total of four years we saw one coup attempt after another until they finally succeeded in this past election. We have now gone from the MAGA administration which put America First to the MADA or Make America Dumb Again administration which puts America Last. There will now be more wars, more attacks on tradition and remnants of Christian culture…more abortions…more advancement of the freakish and perverse rainbow culture…more whacko environmentalism…and yes more purgings of patriotic Americans from society. We will now have a cancel culture with federal power behind it. Donald Trump is no longer there to take on these bullies and domineering elites, but he has left us an example for he never backed down.

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Are you the scapegoat?
michael davino