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Texas Mom and Two Children Kidnapped in Open by Cartel Gunmen, Biden Silent

Martin Brodel
Martin Brodel - 133 Views
Published on 21 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics you can donate through this site
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Model-Nutty 1 month ago

Lake Merritt Oakland "Juneteenth" someone opened up with a full-on machine gun. Chicago had +50 people injured or killed this last weekend, hadn't heard more about the other major DemonRat controlled cities but mayhem is exactly what Xi-Den and Hairy-azz wanted to happen. propaganda fed zombies were ready and waiting. you don't get full auto weapons very easily without connections, recent report told us thousands of them went "missing" from the military.

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Model-Nutty 1 month ago

plenty evidence already to lock joe, his brother, and hunter away.
hairy-azz is an unlikable ineligible anchor baby too, its all a sham.
neither did fairly in the primaries, but "magically" most popular ever?!

the "EU" is an old nazi plan, all unelected ass-hats, ruining everything.
"United NAZI-ONS", "Nazi Allied Terrorist Organization" (NATO),
"Israeli govt", "Mossad", "our" CIA and NASA, all formed with nazi's.
NASA = never a straight answer, aka nazi's always stealing assets.
look at their actions closer you'll see its the truth for all of them.
everywhere they go (UN) dope and human trafficking follows.

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