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Texas GOP Endorses Vote To Secede, Republican Calls To Secede Has Democrats In Media Crying Sedition

Tim Pool
Tim Pool - 340 Views
Published on 02 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

Texas GOP Endorses Vote To Secede, Republican Calls To Secede Has Democrats In Media Crying Sedition. Wyoming, Texas, Mississippi, and Florida have all seen some form of a call for seceding from the Union.

But some of these calls are one person here or there and don't have that much of an impact. While they do point out that these calls happen every so often, Democrats and members of media fear this time it is different.

In Texas a bill has been filed to allow a vote on secession and it has been endorsed by prominent republicans. The bill will allow Texans to vote on whether they should secede from the Union.

This may be all talk, but Trump supporters and Democrats, not necessarily Biden supporters, are divided more than ever. To the point where both sides are now passively suggesting a peaceful divorce could be a good thing.


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BB56 2 months ago

Texas is the only State that could very easily just leave the Union,,, go study it,,,, now the rest of the States would have a harder time of it,,,, but its in the Paperwork before Texas did join the Union that they can easily waltz right out anytime they please. Remember Texas was a Sovereign Nation itself,

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Lighting-Jack 2 months ago

Unfortunately I believe we will have another civil war but it wont last long; it has been prophesied that we will. This prophesy I hope doesn't come true. Though the outcome will be great for America and Freedom around the world.

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