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Published on 06 Sep 2020 / In News and Politics

Le côté sombre de “Tedros Adhanom GHEBREYESUS” tête/chef/directeur de l'Organisation Mondiale de la Santé financée en grande partie by Bill Gates qui apparait plusieurs fois sur les carnets de bords de l'avion du Pedocriminel EPSTEIN, allers et retours sur son Ile, a definitivement un lourd passé

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 years ago

Teacher…, how can you speak in such bodacious and audacious ways when the children might be reading the things you do so post, and what of your Nude Photos and showing your Hard Pecker too this world of The Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken!!! Do you really think Christ Jesus did not have children, did not get drunk after turning Water into Whiskey, or are you more concerned with your FREE Masonic Control over “my” human children of this world as your /_\ [nonhuman] Q - U.N. FLAGS say: We will arrest you for Having Enjoyable “Agreeable” Sexual Relations that do bring forth more of OUR KIND we the human births every time we The Human People get Pregnant??? You see, every one has a Penis and A Galvani……., and we “the people” are all born of our Mothers and Fathers whom fucked their days away giving birth too WE THE PEOPLE, so you people whom live off our Taxes, Donations, Gifts, Tithes, and “Welfare” can tell WE THE PEOPLE what we are allowed to do cause you {NONHUMAN} / * \ FREE MASON Run all the FLAGS of this world, and the Courts, and The Prisons to The Jails.?.?.?, and you are worried that I talk about paying a Wombman to suck my dick, and let me slurp up her tasty Human Pussy Hole??? I think not you fucking Angels from the Book of Enoch and the Book of Ezra, and you Demons and Devils and “Satans” from Solomon's Book where we know why: these FREE MASON “Children” worship The TEMPLE of the JEWS ISRAEL ZIONIST Jesuit Roman [Religion] Q+ cause that TEMPLE of God in the Bible was made by Demons and Angels called The Watchers…….., and they are not building a TEMPLE to WE THE PEOPLE humans god……..., but only to the Gods and Goddesses of you’m Incubus and Succubus walking among WE THE PEOPLE in human “form” only…..., but we GENTILES know now that you FAKE JEWS just love to do your Gentile “Talmud” WAR GAMES….., and the first thing you FREE Q-Masons did with the U.N. Building “Corporation” was make a New ISRAELI FLAG that has nothing to do with We The People, or Our Human God, but only [the god] Q` of you’m The Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken whom steal our nonmason (children) too turn them into YOUNG TRANNY SEX Human Trafficking Slaves of your God Dammed Fucking U.N. FLAGS!!!! For we never hear about you [nonhuman] Q’s ever and I Mean “never ever” going too jail for PizzaGATE – Fraud – Libel - Treachery – Sedition, nor High Treason, and WE KNOW NOW that all World Leaders are “nonhumans” and freemason children to adults..., and that WE ARE Grown up Humans will now teach our “Human” nonmason Children the ways of this place called PURGATORY that we are all born into.., and while you would Cut Off our Dicks., and rip our Vaginas out to do your Medical “Scholastic” FAKE SPACE Theological Studies on we the people whom are “human” and nonmason??? I will not be one taken by your Gods, and yes, my people will continue to kill [your people] Q in SECRET, and dispose of their flesh and blood and bones Bodies in Wood Chuckers, and make sure you get fed YOUR OWN PEOPLE “rather” then OUR PEOPLE in that Alt-Meat!!! The Book of Exodice!!!

You see the Reason the FREE MASON and Their Children {lie about every thing} [{**}] is because THEY are Loyal to the FALLEN ANGELS called “The Watchers” +=+ in the Book of Enoch and Ezra, and if we [Gentiles] [{*}] knew all FREE MASON are the FAKE JEWS in the Book OF Revelation called the (Synagogue) of SATAN where Made In China RUNS the Merchant Ships, and the U.S. Military Protects all the TV SHOWS where it “matters not” What Religion these Incubus and Succubus go by’ cause NO MATTER The Religion, they are all “Zionist” Jesuit ROMAN Catholic U.N. Spies and Troops and C.O.P.S., whom work for the INTERNATIONALIST of this world whom live off our Fucking TAXES as Military People, Commandos, G4S Police, Court Room Judges, and all the other Bull Shit HOLLOW WOOD Lives they live with {Worship Me} /-\ as an American IDOL or any U.N. FLAG Idol cause too Worship is too BEG, and only a SLAVE People (must beg) their God for mercy while we Humans know we are Born of the “Bountiful” Tasty Vagina, and Enjoy the Sweet Salty Taste of the EUGENICS in the Sperm that the Celestial Sphere “Egg” in our Females chooses just one of our many Male Sperm “too become” you and me… The Oracle for the End of all Ages, and this place in 2094 C.E. has so spoken…

The Sentinel…

We Are Pak-Toe!!! We don’t do Racka… WE TAKE THEM OUT!!! We Are MS13 The Boogaloos of this Rag Tag Rebellion as The Society of nonmason “of and for” OUR Human WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition….

WE ARE HUMANS, and we have the Right to Exist!!!! Oh yeah, not only did their nonhuman Men have sex with our human Wombmen, but their nonhuman “Wombmen” had sex with our Human Males…. Think things through...

The Southern Republic…


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