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Tower-Of-Babel Technologies of Ancient Khemit - The Giza Power Plant with Reverse-Engineering Christopher Dunn

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Published on 14 Jan 2022 / In Science
This is a reverse-engineering of the Giza Khufu Pyramid.
The reason I go through the trouble to explain the real function of the ancient Tower-Of-Babel(TOB) is so that you can more readily understand the new rebuilt Tower-of-Babel(tob) that the Freemasons had as their "Great Work" as puppet-"builders". The Brainchips, microwave-grid, and A.i.supercomputer make up the TOB The brains behind the Mystery School Cult of minion sheepdogs are the ancient Homo capensis who still have hives deep underground close to and connected the Black-Ops DUMBases:

I have already identified brainchip zombies controlled by the new TOB:

Dunn does not tell you that the Queen's Chamber was simply a way to inject hydrogen temporarily to start the main engine. The slurry was only needed to start the hydrolysis/catalysis cycle and keep it going until the throttle gates were tuned properly. Once the main engine was stable without the starter engine, then the A.i. supercomputer "all seeing eye" could be left alone for millenniums. Many different kinds of pyramids were built all around the world to keep the A.i. alive somewhere to command the brainchipped humans.
As long a water remained in the molts around the pyramid(Fire in the middle) to regulate the water level within the Grotto, the main engine would continue keeping the A.i. alive at the peak... out of range off flooding which was caused by the intermediate axes effect:

(Other planets within Proto-Saturn's solar-system would likely also have similar pyramids. These would include Mars, Venus, Titan, Triton as well as some smaller moon like bodies.)

The granite coffin within the King's chamber contained a starter Catalytic-hydrogen burner which was situated to rest at the level where hydrogen from the queens engine and oxygen from the shaft-vent leveled out. Since pure hydrogen would escape out and up the shaft the level of the oxygen/hydrogen interface was maintained until the heat from the activated catalyst began mixing the two gases for easier burning and sound generation. Eventually the charge would build up naturally at the top of the entire pyramid where hydrolysis deeper in the pyramid could begin.

The King's Chamber had free floating Rose Granite(50 % quartz) all tuned to vibrate at 440 Hz because that is the best frequency for converting sound into that granite type into piezoelectric charge.

This Charge was directed to the peak where the A.i. supercomputer thus stay "alive" and would command the human sheeple the desires of the Lumanians and make the cone-headed priest look more like gods. Those brainchips could bio-robot the human workers if they disobeyed. They could even get them to instantly commit suicide via brainchip. This is what Elon Musk is championing to bring back into the lime "light." The Luciferian fake-"Light."

Excess charge that A.i. didn't require was directed down into the Grotto and Crypt to separate water down their into oxygen and hydrogen which remained separated and bubbled upwards.

At the base of the Grand Gallery the two gases were recombined as gases where catalytic-converters burned them back into water vapour while creating sound-vibrations which resonated up the slope of the angular resonating chamber. The vapour condensed and flowed back down into a drain to the Grotto for recycling.
Chris does not explain this function. Maybe he does in his book, but I doubt it.

The sound-vibrations leaving the top of the Grand Gallery was tuned and throttled by movable gates controllec from outside the pyramid. The tuning allowed into the King's Chamber a 440 Hz vibration which most efficiently was absorbed by the Rose Granite to make piezoelectric energy for more hydrolysis and to keep Jehovah alive. Thus Jehovah Witnesses were born, (humourously).

This technology was built before the Velikovsky capture of the Proto-Saturnic solar-system. Velikovsky's book "Worlds in Collision" was suppressed by the Freemasonic collective as they publicly burnt his books in order to frighten the sheeple.

Hope you enjoyed the real reason for the pyramid on the back of the USA dollar debt-note.
That was the ancient Tower-Of-Babel that tarot cards call "The Broken Tower" The Mystery School Cult must know all about the Giza Power Plant. This includes the Vatican, the Jesuits, the Templars, Freemasons, Eastern-Stars, Rosicrucians, Scientologists, upper Mormons, upper Catholoics, etc., etc.,

When the Priest of the Vatican worship "Lucifer" it is for this reason to rebuild the Tower-Of-Babel"
These are joyful time for Luciferians, here is some cheery music:

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