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tax increase elections March 9th for Cabot, Heber Springs & Mountain Home Arkansas

Kenny W
Kenny W - 947 Views
Published on 04 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

The biggest thing I want to talk about is the scam special election tax increases happening March 9. There are at least three of them that I know of scheduled at a time to minimize voter turn out so that those who want to increase the size and scope of government can sneak another tax increase past citizens on a local level. and if by chance the fact of us get together and stop a tax increase they simply reword it lower the amount of slightly lower the amount of waste in the tax plan and then run it again. so March 9 are supposed to be a bond issue in the city of Cabot there is another tax increase schedule in Mountain Home and there is one in Heber Springs
If you know anyone who lives in these areas let them know that there is a tax increase and to tell them to tell everyone that I know it’s a vote no on everyone of these special election tax increases are often used to finance police fire and necessary items and government officials have deliberately allowed to fall apart and then used to also find pet projects water parks event centers bike trails advertising and promotion commissions always to try to compete with some other city that’s also in debt really what they need is a tax break

in Heber Springs there are some activist who are fighting against the tax increase the one I know of is Jackie Martin she’s active on Facebook is in active for years and fighting for conservative rights. you can contact her if you want more information about that effort

In Cabot, there is a group fighting against their bond issue tax increase. Rhonda McCall is the main activist fighting it in Cabot

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