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TASA - Sept 06, 2021 - 9) Peace has been declared! No more War! Peace Proclamation Part 2 - Justice Anna Webinar

Published on 11 Oct 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

They made laws to legally lies to congress, they have laws to tap your phone line and track you where ever you are. As U.S citizen you don't know that that you have been misidentified which makes it easy for them to make you subjected to their corporate codes rules and regulations. We need bright People committed to learn self-governing. You've got to spend time to learn about your country history to know who you are and where you heading. You need to put time and effort to learn the fundamentals of the American government. The American government is not a District of Columbia type government, our government requires involvement that you are aware of the Law to govern and not electing a party politician as proxy working for a corporate government to serve your needs. Proxies officials and politicians never ever serve the people. For more

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