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Switzerland Symbiosis of Red and White House, The fake 1307 Persecution of Templars

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Published on 21 Jan 2021 / In Travel and Events

Dr. Sean Hross (the travelling historian tortured captive at times) reveals that the Knights Templar who secretly created their home base Switzerland were allowed to disappear long before their set-up against the French Monarchy who did not want to bow down to the Mystery School Cult's demands to become just a figure-head for coins.

To add another example Canada started out along the St. Lawrence River of Quebec and Ontario as "Lower Canada" and "Upper Canada"... just like the ancient Nile. http://www.redriverancestry.ca..../Web-Pictures/Web-Ma Canada festers with the wwCult of Freemasons and Easter Star counterparts(marriage-servants) They do not practice what they preach to the unsworn using their fake-politics. The Queen of Canada is claimed to be monarch and still "Defender of the Faith" of all "strawmen" or "legal persons." (or shitizens... something like that) eternallyaware.com
The are experts and trained for youths at fabricating a wonky world for the unsworn profane to make heads or tails out of.

Go to Hross' site of exposing the "real history" of Europe and much of the world.

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lawriven 1 month ago

Cum se poate traduce?

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