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Surety Bonds Is How We Bring These Rats Down, OSHA Backs Off, Canada Defies Truckers & We The People

Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith - 288 Views
Published on 27 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

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Sources used in video:

Surety bonds through superintendents is the way to crush them -

Detailed explanation and how to get surety bonds and bring them to their knees -

Bonds for the win -

Wisconsin will not recall elector votes -

Satan Klaus in 2017 -

Battle of the trucks -

OSHA says vaxx mandate was only a suggestion -

Check out this bullshit false flag propaganda -

How much longer will the bubble hold -

Were those monkeys on there way to Fauci secret lab -

Draconian lockdowns and rules due to software error -

Raggedy Ann admits higher gas prices is the agenda -

These people will die off before this scam is revealed -

Hospital in Colorado charges for zoom call -

Google claims server error when searching for made in USA -

More proof it's all about power and control -

Steve Inman -

Song - We The People -

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goosegatherer 4 months ago

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ....stop calling these Mrna Gene altering injections a VACCINE.......Mrna Gene altering programs ARE NOT VACCINES.... A Vaccine produces ANTI BODIES within the host body to COUNTER ATTACK ANY RE-INFECTIONS to PREVENT RE-INFECTIONS.....and the Mrna Gene altering programs contained in ALL current fake covid INJECTIONS DO NOT PRODUCE ANTI BODIES.. It is well documented that in order to first obtain an emergency use authorization for these anti human injections that the makers of these toxic injections HAD TO PRODUCE evidence that the injections were a vaccine.....THEY LIED ....and the scam was born and released onto the sleeping masses.....the FDA chose to keep the truth hidden from the public simply because they were either complicit OR fooled again by those who are making trillions of dollars from these death potions.

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