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Superman Cancels The American Way, Murphy Campaign Busted By Project Veritas & Where's The Money?

Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith - 205 Views
Published on 27 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

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Sources used in video:

No more truth, justice and the American way -

Superman renounces US citizenship in 2011 -

POS Murphy will mandates vaxx after re-elected, Project Veritas -

Transgender in Loudon county found guilty -

What is up with this school board in Loudon county -

Where did the money go, right into their corrupt pockets -

Where does all this money really go -

Doctor offers $1 million dollars to prove him wrong on 100,000 American vaxx deaths -

Here is the slide show about lives saved to those killed by vaxx -

It tells you it's all fake, that's what it tells you -

Smart virus doesn't bother with Norway -

This thread about vaxx injuries is hard to look at, stop the madness -

Won't hear this story from the fake stream media -

Will this leftist be labeled a domesic terrorist -

Media will be butthurt about this actual science -

Australian idiot doesn't get what is really happening -

Aussie cartoonist axed after cartoon they don't like -

95,000 strong migrant caravan headed our way -

Ok, but I'm eating -

Steve Inman -

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Dive2663225 1 month ago

LMAO!! Its the DC/ pentagon Clown Circus...It relentlessly go's round and Round Like a "merry-go-round"...Just when you think We Exposed the Last liar...HERE COMES ANOTHER!! LOL
This great Awakening is like Shock treatments lol!!
Jeff, Why Can't we just have Plain old TRAITORS in our Gov.???Like the Bullshit coming out of "Holly-Treason-Wood"?? LMFAO...ITS FULL Of TRAITORS, FAGGOTS, LGBTQ, PEDOPHILES, MURDERES, Islamic Terrorists, BLM, Antifa, Thief's, Nazi's, Man Hating Feminazi's, Cannibals', ANTI-GOD Scum, Did I say MORONS ????GEEESH seems like I can GO ON!!

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Dive2663225 1 month ago

LOL The Days of Deciding who to vote for, by Listening to Lying Conniving Betrayers of the People are wayy over, These Fucking people must be elected by their previous ACTIONS..NOT their sorry ass Used car sales Pitches !
Stop the Guessing when you Vote

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Dive2663225 1 month ago

Great Post Jeff! bringing it REAL! thank you!

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 1 month ago

I love your videos.. Thank you so much.

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