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Stop Complying to the Fake Demands of Pirates Pretending Authority

JamesRoss - 237 Views
Published on 05 Feb 2023 / In People and Blogs

Reject the monsters' words.
Reject criminal-Cult authority and stop funding them with your labours. They laugh because you "volunteer" slave-hood.
Create your own new worthy governments which serve-the-people rather than dictating Luciferian-orders.

The wwCult's plan is to cull ALL the sheople.

Once the "herd" is sick or dying in significant numbers estimated by the A.i. supercomputer fake-god, then all secret societies come out of the woodwork as a hivemind-army to enforce outright physical tyranny and their stomping Nazi boots come out of their closets.

The way it works for Freemasons, they will not risk their own lives because they want their fake-mind-uploads to turn them into Ad Astra Cyborgs. They want to become the BORG, but they are just suicidal serving the ancient, failed-mankind, Homo capensis.

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