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Social Media Turn Sinister: We, Orphaned Adolescents, Should Rebel

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 8 Views
Published on 15 Jan 2021 / In Film and Animation

Before they delete this video: share, favorite, like, subscribe, and comment! Fight back!

Surf to https://www.instagram.com/p/CKEFsCwjRtK/ and swipe left: YouTube used to recommend each of my videos to MILLIONS of users.

Then I made the mistake of criticizing the way government mishandled COVID, Black Lives Matter, MeToo, fake “gurus”, “coaches”, and self-styled “experts” online, and the pernicious movement of the covert narcissists who call themselves “empaths”.

Thuggish psychopathic Facebook reacted by simply denying me access to my erstwhile Instagram account @vakninsamnarcissist and cutting off the dissemination of my posts on Facebook: no one sees them anymore.

YouTube is more like a passive-aggressive covert narcissist.

YouTube now no longer shows my videos in search results (search for “narcissism” to see what I mean).

YouTube is now not recommending my videos anymore except to users who have spent months watching other channels on narcissism.

As you can see, my latest video had been recommended to fewer than 93,000 users (compared to an average of 2 million historically).

Ironically, the number of subscribers to my channel has shot up from 85,000 to 135,000 and my CTR (Click Through Rate) has DOUBLED (in other words: twice as many users click on my videos on the rare occasions that they are recommended).

These platform are monopolies. They have severely undermined free speech and should be regulated, penalized, broken up. Their current egregious misconduct is a dictatorship (technocracy): the unelected and unqualified few, armed with dumb AI softwares, are muzzling, silencing, and throttling anyone who dares to call the truth as they see it or to not toe the party line to maximum profits. These enterprises are evil and a menace, end of story: they should be confronted and reformed or taken down.

They are treating all of us as adolescents – and we react to their mistreatment as though we were

One of the main functions of the shared fantasy is to project to the world a façade of normalcy and equally, to self-delude the narcissist that he is all but normal. The disintegration of the shared fantasy exposes the narcissist and others to the harsh reality: he is mentally ill and his family or firm are precariously balanced houses of cards.

As humanity is becoming increasingly more grandiose and entitled, puberty is extended well into one’s 20s (Twenge and Campbell). Boomerang kids live with their parents and continue their interminable “education” well into their 30s. Marriage, sex, and childbearing are distant memories. Even computers and the Internet reflect these trends: they nanny and discipline us (see my post about “nanny computing”). Not only do we all refuse to grow up and assume adult chores and responsibilities (Peter Pan Syndrome or Puer Aeternus), but we elect puerile leaders who cater to our pathological needs. Postmodern, post-industrial civilization is one gigantic shared fantasy and the pandemic has, therefore, led to global mortification.

We are reacting to this mortification as all adolescents do: we look for our missing parents. Some deny reality and try to continue with the old normal (“hoover” the various partners – individual and institutional - in our shattered shared fantasy). Others rebel against parental figures and become antisocial: defiant, impulsive, callous, and reckless. But the majority are cowed into unthinking submission, a type of conformity common to adolescents faced with a threat or with the unsavory outcomes of their misconduct.

Ubiquitous computing is becoming not only intrusive but also more condescending and patronizing by the version. I call it: “nanny computing”.

Underlying nanny softwares are the twin assumptions that people are way too stupid to be entrusted with their own welfare and so irrational that they never get things right, having compromised the decision-making process.

Nanny apps and programs override and overwrite the user’s explicit choices, preferences, and commands. This is reminiscent of HAL, the starship’s onboard computer in Odyssey 2001.

Nanny computing is only one manifestation of a societal trend at least 150 years old, when the first welfare nanny state was established by Bismarck.

People are infantilized and regressed to an earlier, dependent phase of personal development. One’s agency is usurped by authorities: religious, secular, or technological.

Social media are the latest examples of such “it is for your own good” coercion but they were preceded by numerous other instances, including prohibition and the criminalization of psychoactive substances. The COVID-19 pandemic cast this pernicious paternalism into sharp relief.

Uniformity, conformity, and predictability are crucial to the functioning of modern mass economies. Individualism is a threat to be constrained. Grandiose defiant narcissism is the revolt of the masses as they recoil from the deadening embrace of those who “know best what’s good for you, sonny!”

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Flowers INSTEAD of flags…

As I access the Protocols of my mind, it seems the more we delve into the Realm of our Waking Walking Dream where here in Purgatory, the many have no clue what too {LIVE A LIE} actually means???, and since most have been raised since they were born to do as you are told, and do NOT think for your right to be you, we find ourselves in this {As Above / So Below} 2 sided FLAT EARTH where the Northern Hemisphere, and The Southern Hemisphere are both controlled by the CONTROL PANELS in the [D.U.M.B.S.] of our Shared Celestial Sphere INNER EARTH where machines and mechanization make the Holy Sun rise and Set on “Both Sides” of this enclosed COSMOLOGY World, and the Moon does so too Eclipse this Sun too REMEMBER [male and female] are one, and without the ZERO and The ONE of Computer Holographix Arrhythmical Interfaces, our Virtual Reality of ALL THE WORLD IS A GAME has {taken over} what once was ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE, and now we all live THE “GAME” MUST GO ON, and the Show Must go on is seen as nothing more then {Illusions and Disillusion} of MALFEASANCE reporters on our T.V. INDOCTRINATION Re-Education and Re-Integration 2D FLAT SCREENS…

When every one on TV is and has ALWAYS been nothing more then An Actor or “Actress” the Blinds of Insanity all fall into place!!! Telling WE THE PEOPLE we landed on the Moon whence we have not!!! Telling us WAR IS NOT MURDER when to {kill anything} is to MURDER IT… Has there ever been a day in your life that one of these many “variations” of MEDIA SCREENS has not been operational as The Mark of the BEAST in your Hand to the Marks of INVASION on your minds???? Do you know what the Book of REVELATION is actually all about.?.?.?, and do you’m know WE THE PEOPLE Wrote every book [ever made] in this place of The Damned, The Cursed, and The Forsaken, and do you know we Humans are the nonhumans, and that {we are} all Androids and Gynoids reliving the experience of what happened to this Celestial Sphere called PLANET EARTH where the Awful Horror from the Book of Books is our Dead, and Beaten, and Dry BLACK BLOOD of Black Water Terrestrial “Moon” in OUR shared Night and Day Skies as day after day after day WE THE PEOPLE keep waking up here as the Human Race.?.?.?.?

How many of you’m know a FLAG is just a Piece of [Coloured] CLOTH that your World Leaders use too say: Kill them cause Their FLAG is not our FLAG??? Whom set up “this game” of WAR IS MURDER when we all have Mothers and Fathers, and we all want Babies, and Children too one day replace WE THE PEOPLE as our new foundlings of CLONES cause when a Man and a [Wombman] Procreate are they not making CLONES of their Desire to have “both” of their BLOOD LINES go on???, and whom would talk you into an ABORTION that is {the eradication} of your BLOOD LINE.?.?.? Sure THEY LIVE Yell, and Scream, and threaten they will throw you in the Brig that is just one more {Jail and Prison} in LAWS we the people have “no say in” cause the Vast Majority of People on this Northern Hemisphere are run by Task Masters known as TAX COLLECTORS, and we have come to the Conclusion that only FREE MASON [Lodge Members] get to run Our Courts, Our Towns, Our Military FLAGS, and so on and so forth, and then these “U.N. Troops” whom have taken over all Police, and Military, and Religions, and Schools of Thoughts say: PAY YOUR TAXES TO YOUR GOVERNMENT, but you the people {will have} no say in how your EMPLOYED Public Servants Treat WE THE PEOPLE???????

If this place was not PURGATORY, it would all “seem” so unbelievable, and yet, we the people know we are Living THE MEMORY of a World called {Planet Earth} that is this Celestial Sphere where the many have gone mad, and insane with an insatiable desire too CONSUME all that is in this world where Pollution abounds as SKY SHIPS Spray Toxic CORPORATE WASTE called [Chemicals] in the skies… I did not know the CONSUMERS was the real reason the {Socks and Bonds} go up and down forever and ever in the explanation of Hell and Hades in the NEW TESTAMENT, but there can be no doubt these STUDENT LOANS has turned all our Children into [Debt SLAVES] whom will murder other children to pay off those STUDENT LOAN DEBTS when all can be forgiven, and CENTRAL BANKS be Nationalized… However, when no one is allowed to “think” matters through, nor Question that big Q in the Sky, then Children kill and murder [Children] cause they think Your FLAG is the Enemy, and yet, if it is only THE FLAG that makes WE THE PEOPLE do WAR IS MURDER, then why don’t {we the people} take down all FLAGS and Proclaim our Collective “Proclivity” to live as ONE???

Johnny Exodice


A FLAG has no more [meaning] than WHAT you the Individual Give It…. Sadly FREE MASON want you to do WAR IS MURDER cause they make “Money” off making Weapons that kill all the Flowers in your lands with Sludge from the Mass Production of Predator Drones, and Robotic Tanks, and Automated Naval WAR Ships: poised to kill us all in WORLD WAR with IRAN and China, and any other U.N. FLAG our World Police the {USA PEACEKEEPERS} and their imaginative TV Shows say:

Too kill is not MURDER it is how you become a HERO OF WAR, and yet too kill is to murder anything be it Plants – Wildlife – Sea-life, and all your ABORTION “Children” whom only got Aborted Later in life in a [Distant Land] far from you their Mother and Father, and not too mention how many Brothers and Sisters Got “The Abortion” of their Life TERMINATED in distant Lands cause Their FLAG was not OUR FLAG, and then all you “orphaned” Children as Your Mom and Dad just had to be Abortionist, so they could win the GAME of being called a {WAR HERO} on these God Damned TV Screens…

The Society of nonmason~

Your Religions and your Courts say: Murder is Against The LAW, so do tell me my puny idiotic Humans why do you Break the LAW of your “FLAGS” when WAR IS MURDER and that makes WAR Illegal in all your {Human Courts} and all your so called Humane Religions…

The Sentinel…


Finally…, what if all these MUD FLOOD Buildings still stand, and they are just on the Other Side of our FLAT EARTH known as The Southern Hemisphere once you get past the INNER EARTH and all our Underground and Underworld Cities and Military Check Points by those whom control and command the MACHINES in This World of the Dead…

The Commander~

We Are The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition that can STOP all WARS, and forgive all National Debts by becoming the NEW WINE SKINS, and saying {No More} do we The Youth: follow you’m THE OLD WINE SKINS…

We Are Pak-Toe… We don’t do Racka… WE TAKE THEM OUT!!!

We Are Revelation… We do not forgive… WE DO NOT COMPLY… Game Over…

Remember, Remember, The 5th of December where all our nonmason [populations] lay in unmarked graves for every FREE MASON [U.N. FLAGS] Wars “fought” for nothing...

† ///|||\\\ Ω

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