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Social Distancing and Lockdown is Bogus WHO Says Asymtomatic Are Not Infectious

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Published on 05 Jul 2020 / In People and Blogs

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End video from Liabilitymate Channel (with some added text):
They have gone MAD. You are the Terrorists. Here they come

No One Has Died from the Coronavirus:

Coronavirus Forces Lockdown of Melbourne Public Housing Towers in 3051 and 3031 Postcodes.

Melbourne Public Housing Tower Resident Says Community is Being 'Treated Like Criminals' Amid Coronavirus Lockdown:

Victoria Records 66 New Coronavirus Cases, Thousands Refuse Testing in "Hotspot Suburbs":

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews Warns Entire State Could Go Back into Lockdown if Coronavirus Cases Continue to Rise:

Bill & Melinda Gates Interview on The Path Forward:


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

Dearest…, RICHIE FROM BOSTON: As I have made quite clear in them BOOKS OF KNOWLEDGE that Evil Spirits are in the minds of WE THE PEOPLE, and them People that Say: TRUMP 2020 know The Stock Market is going to CRASH and all people will lose their Pensions, 401-K, and Retirement or Nest Eggs these FOOLS of the world so do seek, and in that when The NEW YORK Stock Exchange goes down on 07-17-2020 C.E. in the CELESTIAL ERA of The Age of Pisces, you and I and anyone whom did not take our money out of the BANKS to Set Aside till after this EVENT will lose all, and we are already OUT OF WORK as nonmason, so whom are the TRUMP 2020??? FREE MASON Cucks and Slags making fun of you cause them people GOT WIPED by The Machine when they took that BLOOD OATH to S.A.T.A.N. to not uphold their OATH OF OFFICE as the FREE MASON COURTS, GOVERNMENTS, MILITARY, C.O.P.S., and in this, we the chosen to Go Home when we die to PURGATORY our FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere as Celestial Beings in these TEMPORARY Temporal Corporeal CARNAL Flesh and Blood and Bones Body Temple AVATARS are in the END OF AN AGE Esoteric WAR for the Minds and Thoughts of Good or Evil, but the TRUMP 2020 all want to do WAR IS MURDER when we know MURDER is against the LAW OF IN GOD WE TRUST cause Mason Worship the Devil known as Lucifer, and they like to MURDER and make money and get the JOBS for the NEW NORMAL of Occupation by the UNITED NATIONS CORPORATIONS World Police these PEACEKEEPERS the fucking people doing SEDITION in the U.N. FLAG Military Government RELIGION!!!! It is their RELIGION to pray to their G.O.D. that is Satan that FAKE LIGHT of Love that we know is the REAL Light of DEATH…. So, be of good heart, and know THEY LIVE know that we got nothing, but Jesus Christ Said: YOU GOT Everything you wanted in life, and I say: Now it is OUR TURN!!!! The Rag Tag Rebellion of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition….


The Society of nonmason~


THEY ARE HUNTING YOU MY NONMASONS!!!! Always SHOOT FIRST and know how to Bug Out before the LOCKED DOORS keep you easy pickings for JADE HELM 15…

The Commander~


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