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Skull and Bones Society - The Deep State War Series | Episode One Part 1

Truth Seekers Worldwide
Published on 21 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

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gang 2 months ago

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gang 2 months ago

from 9th legion to 911 hoax through gestapo

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gang 2 months ago

fbi job is not disinform america but to counter spy and disinform potential spies ... not to disnform american citizens

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gang 2 months ago

intel is supposed to inform you ...
so each time they try to disnform you ...
you can guess that they do not belong to intel but to dalai lama and hary squad on facebook and nbc

such as 911 hoax crew, covid farce, ominion fraud ... belonging to sea org propaganda,
not to cia workflow

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gang 2 months ago

intel action service do not intervene if there are not pre-existing montage and set up covering them ...
exposing why soetoro, holande, johnson, trudo from sea org unaware of cia protocol fell in trap without even wondering abut montage and set up they were falling in

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