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Sirian Activation Guided Light Language Meditation | Raise Your Vibration

The Human Collective
Published on 11 Oct 2022 / In Spiritual

Enjoy this guided meditation to raise your vibration through loving remembrance and connection with our sirian family of light. Expand into a higher vibration of unconditional love in this light language meditation and activation. Drink lots of water, rest, move and breathe deeply. I have been called to share more of our Sirius frequency, so let me know if you’d like more Sirian transmissions ✨

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Music: Magic in 528 Hz by Chris Collins

Much love and deep gratitude,
~ Aria 💚

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✧ Aria Z Young - Disclaimer ✧
I am a source channel and so are you. Light language is mainly channeled from my soul and higher self, as well as my reflections in the stars. It resonates differently for every soul, please keep this in mind and use discernment. I am simply flowing with the energy of source in the current moment. What you allow yourself to receive is up to you and what is meant for you. It is not meant to be understood by the mind, it streams straight to the soul. Make sure to hydrate and take care of your body as it integrates codes and levels of light. May this be a place of activation, remembrance and quantum self healing.

...may blessings wash over you in abundance ♡ I love you!

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