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Simian Virus 40 Found In Pfizer C-19 Vaccines, Obama/Lugar Ukraine 2005, Senators Given Sat Phones

Published on 23 May 2023 / In News and Politics

Tokyo University professor Yoshinori Murakami has discovered that Simian Virus 40 (SV40) a known cancer causing agent and something that is not necessary to create the MRNA vaccine, is in some samples of Pfizer's Covid 19 Vaccines. SV40 was also found to be in some contaminated Polio Vaccine samples that were given to the public between the years of 1955-1963. Further studies of those groups of people showed increased levels of different cancers including a 93% increase in Mesothelioma's. China makes claim that the United States was going to deploy "genetically engineered weapons" against European Aryans and other races. Does the United States have an "ethnic specific bioweapon"? Africa's first test run for a central bank digital currency fails in Nigeria where it has been found out that the government shredded up to a third of the nations currency and moved much of it out of the country in an effort to get the public to forcibly adopt the new Central bank digital currency which has led to protests in the country. Will this practice be tried in other countries to force adoption of a central bank digital currency and do away with paper currencies? Panama canal hit by shipping restrictions as water crisis is set to worsen. Biden DOJ shut down Clinton Investigation in August of 2021 and the FBI allegedly destroyed all the evidence. Second Hunter Biden whistleblower emerges after dismissal from working on the case after five years. NBC's Chuck Todd says FBI can't be trusted, calls for major investigation. 30 Tons of Ammonium Nitrate disappears from sealed rail car. Seals on the car were not tampered with so where did it all go? EU slaps Meta with 1,3 billion dollar fine over data privacy concerns. Why are U.S. Senators all of a sudden being issued sattelite phones in case of a "manmade or natural disaster"? Madeline McCann case and search resumes in Portugal. Stock Market briefly tumbled yesterday after a fake account and fake AI generated photo of the Pentagon being bombed was shared online. FBI again refuses to hand over document Republicans say proves Joe Biden was involved in criminal bribery scheme. Delaware Senator Tom Carper won't seek a fifth term. Illegal aliens at New York's Roosevelt hotel bussed to men's shelter as more aliens show up each day, some days as many as 1000. New York GOP Senators demand full accounting of migrant costs by Comptroller Thomas Dinapoli. Anti ageing fanatic uses his son as his blood bank. UC Berkley holds segregated graduation ceremonies since 2013, why do they only do it for one race and no others? Humanoid robots already working as security in the U.S. and other countries. Court rules California race law is unconstitutional. Blinken facing contempt of congress charge allows McCaul to see "dissent cable" in Afghanistan exit. Why is King Charles going to Romania to stay in a small rural cabin? He is in fact related to Vlad the Impaler. London theater slammed for urging white people not to attend performance. They stated the performance "should be viewed free from the white gaze." Does the Hunter Biden investigation need a special counsel? Or just to allow those investigating for five years to finish their work? Will Joe Biden pardon Hunter if criminal charges are brought against him? Fire ravages Manila Post Office burns down in fire. Supreme Court rules IRS can obtain records of third parties not under investigation. Why did Illinois budget in the past include over 200 million dollars to build Obama's presidential library? Shouldn't those funds be raised privately and not use taxpayers funds? Jim Jordan threatens to cut FBI funding and open a Clinton probe. Blinken and Modi meet Pacific leaders in Papua New Guinea. Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong tests positive for Covid 19 will go into isolation. I examine the Nunn Lugar Threat Reduction Program and former President Barack Obama's 2005 Ukraine trip with Senator's Nunn and Lugar. Obama later pushed a bill that helped to destroy tons of weapons in Ukraine and sell much of their small arms to the United States and the United Kingdom, why was Ukraine disarmed in 2006? Was the coup of 2014 Obama ordered being planned as far back as 2006? Before he was even President? Why did Pfizer use Simian Virus 40 in their Covid 19 vaccines? It is a known cancer causing agent and not a necessary component to creating an MRNA vaccine. Immigrants now make up a record breaking percentage of U.S. workers, how many of them are here illegally? Mount Etna volcano begins to erupt. More news.

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