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Silicon Valley Bank MELTDOWN Explained How to PREPARE for the RECESSION Jaspreet Singh

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Published on 18 Mar 2023 / In How-to and Style

It is time to get motivated for success now that Freemasonic organized-corruption is slapping you in the face.
Freemasonry is going to get caught for who they are... monsters.
Behind the Freemasonic-monsters are the ancient devils telling them what to do.

You create your own reality... The Creator-God provides you with the probable-world that you manifest into your own personalized experiences, thus you are in control using your beliefs and desires no matter how horrible things appears it is up to you to take control with good-intentions. The Creator-God provides everyone else and situations customized by your own choices (within the range of logical probabilities.) Your task is to learn how to take control of the probabilities and become more Godly.
For example, the Freemason assassins have not been able to assassinate me for 17 years and that has places you in a world from my perspective to also survive their NWO takeover and defeat them... Just like I have been defeating their desires against me. The Creator-God will be on your side with your good-intentions just like me and you will defeat all wickedness attempting to end your life.

We are currently in a very hostile part of the multidimensional universe. We are all cocreating together, even the very treacherous backstabbing monsters are cocreators as described by the Sethbooks, you need to study them:

If you want to experi

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