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Silent War Ep. 6158: Schools Groom, Poison, & Abuse Children Daily, Across USA. Lawless CDC Monkeys

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Published on 26 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

In this episode of The Silent War:

One-Third of Americans Say They Haven’t Gotten a COVID-19 Vaccine.

DC Requesting People To Limit Supermarket Purchases As Empty Shelves Persist.

Alberta Canada Inadvertently Published (and Quickly Deleted) Health Data Exposing that MORE THAN HALF of VACCINATED DEATHS Have Been COUNTED AS UNVACCINATED.

Pennsylvania Woman Who Came in Contact with CDC Monkeys After Crash Is Experiencing Cold-Like Symptoms, Pink-Eye and a Cough.

Mysterious Patriot Front Group Has Data Leaked Exposing Suspect Videos, Outing Members and Even More Questions of Federal Infiltration.

Denver Elementary School Teaching Kids to ‘Disrupt the Nuclear Family’ and Support BLM.

Biden Family Made $31 Million From Individuals With 'Direct Ties To Chinese Spy Apparatus'.

Undercover Students EXPOSE Colorado High School Vaccine Clinic For Administering Vaccinations Without Parental Consent – Even AFTER School Superintendent ASSURED This Would Not Happen.

California Bill Would Let Children Get COVID-19 Jab Without Parental Approval.

Ohio School Lunchroom Monitor Caught on Camera Bullying and Forcing a 9-Year-Old Student to Eat Food Taken Out of the Garbage As Principal Stood Just Feet Away.

The New York Governor's Mask Mandate was struck down by the NY Supreme Court, yet it still being mandated.

All of this, and more.

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schamblee7 4 months ago


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Kan Nuki
Kan Nuki 4 months ago


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

Our God did not Put you here in Purgatory to have a Vacation from Destroying our Real Home World...

When I write, I am only writing to those of you whom seek to be Redeemed to our God, and that is THE GOD of this world regardless of all the Capitalist of and for Capitalism…

You see, Purgatory is not a Place for The Damned, The Cursed, and The Forsaken, Purgatory is for you too learn, and know: how and why your Home World is our Dead Moon Celestial Sphere GLOBE EARTH La La~

The Little Girl whom saves The World, and We Rangers Wombs and Men serve too protect her…

There are a lot of Machine People here, and there is a Lot of Bad and Wrong and NOT RIGHT what we of Pak-Toe call The Racka in MATHEW 5 in the Holy Living Bible that is the Play Book for the Purgatorial / Purgatorium… So, you have no excuse to say Christ Jesus 1.0 was not a Just Man aka Male when so many Males beat their Wives or Lovers aka Girl Friends, and even their own Blood children as FREE MASON Lodge Members of and for THESE evil Angels, and evil Demons: in these Flesh, and Blood, and Bones HUMAN Body Temples` temporary MORTAL Corporeal Esoteric' Avatars here in the Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME…

It is evident Our God is patient too know whom done what, and that shows God is human as well, so we Good Angels, and We Good Demons: when we look at our Dead Celestial [Globe Earth] Crystal Ball in the Night and Day sky with its 13 months true calendar of 28 days per month' with its 7 days a week` 4 times EACH MONTH, we must be humbled that WE ALL Allowed Planet Earth too become our Dead Moon of Perdition as the Reprobate whom cared more about (Pieces of Cloth) called these FLAGS of Corporations from the USA to all we BLUE EYED MALES…

Here in the Time Line of the Days of Noah it is 2022 on their CALENDAR being the ones whom ripped open the Heavens and The DOME OF THE ROCK with their Space Force NASA Time Traversal Holocaust DISTORTATION Weapons "of and for" WAR GAMES called WAR IS MURDER: whence the 10 COMMANDMENTS of our God that is your God, my God, and their God as part of our Punishment after many attempts, and DE-JA-VU Minuets at Reconciliation – Reconsideration - Recompilation' OUR GOD knows` whom done What as the Reprobate, and those of we with REGRETS for the life I have lived, the Life you have lived, and the LIFE these CORPORATION Internationalist have lived as this place is only THE MEMORY of whom done what and why…

Pray to Our God that you do not follow the WAYS of the Capitalist like #AMTV to name "one" among (many) whom say this word I AM A Christian, but I do [nothing] to help Christian babies starving too death caused by THE FLAG of the Fake Jews of Hollywood USA from the Book of Revelation…

This is why I have wrote the Book of EXODICE, so you could come to your own Conclusion my fellow Angels and Demons in these Human Flesh and Blood and Bones Body TEMPLES…

Are Youm one whom can {feel the LOSS} of Day 6 that was our Real Home World this Dead Celestial Sphere in the Night and Day sky here on Earth called THE MOON as we relive the WHAT WAS – WHAT IS – WHAT WILL BE from the OLD and the NEW Testament GOSPEL, or are you like AMTV whom is nothing more then one among many on the WIDE PATH of [Insanity] whom lost his SOUL and LOVE and all that is good because he cares more about Ink on Paper Digits called Crypto: even more then the LOVE and SOUL of his own Blood of my Blood, Flesh of My Flesh, Bone of My Bone child….

So rather then Teach his child, The "Actor" Christopher Green says in his mind` Blood of my Blood, Flesh of My Flesh, BONE OF MY BONE and {Sin of my Sin} damning himself' and his offspring too the Hell of Hades: worshiping MONEY over Our God that is His God, Your God, My God on (Day 6) in the Holy Living Bible…

BOYCOTT Any thing and Any ONE youm know does not LOVE our God, that is their God...

You cannot [BUY] your way out of Perdition any more then you can BUY THE LOVE of our God with all these "things" our God gave to you FREE of charge and Capitalist DEBT as a Gift of Life from your Creator and Your Destroyer.....

$Jeppojinx ?

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