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Silent War Ep. 6129: Anti White Agenda in Education, Medicine. Rittenhouse & 2A. CDC/Fauci Admit Vax is Crap

Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 108 Views
Published on 17 Nov 2021 / In News and Politics

In this episode of The Silent War-
Rittenhouse Prosecutor Claims Teen 'Lost The Right To Self-Defense' By Carrying Gun.

Poland Braces for Attack by Migrants Who Have Been “Weaponized” By Belarus and Are besieging the Border.

Poland Says 50 Migrants Broke Through Border "By Force" As Warsaw Urges NATO Help.

New Reports Show Military Families Are Included in List of 14,000 Americans Left Behind in Afghanistan.

AZ State Rep. Joseph Chaplik Holds Presser With Parents Targeted in “HITLIST”- Says Democrats Are Weaponizing Education To Target Republicans.

House Republicans Obtain Whistleblower Docs Showing FBI Used Counterterrorism Unit to Add “Threat Tags” to Parents – Contradicting Garland’s Sworn Testimony.

CDC Admits No Record Of Naturally Immune Transmitting COVID-19.

Dr. Fauci Admits Vaccines Did Not Work as Advertised and that Vaccinated Are in Great Danger Today.

Texas HHS DENIES Monoclonal Antibody Treatments For Whites.

Wisconsin Election Officials Admitted to Telling Election Officials to Break the Law Before 2020 Presidential Election, Caught on Video.

And a CBS whistleblower exposing the end of objectivism in Fake News ReEducation Courses.

All of this, and more.

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hatbox 12 days ago

I'm not sure what to think about this. Is Rosenbaum really dead? Is there a grave and/ or some other proof he actually died? Kyle has exhibited on many occasions Masonic hand signals, etc. Perhaps this is really another psyop designed to hurt gun owning Americans. Democrats and globalists love theatre, and this incident is packed with drama. Now we learn Rosenbaum raped little boys, and is a sex offender who they're trying to turn into a martyr. What next?

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