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Silent-Rape Domestic-Terrorism in America AND THE WORLD

JamesRoss - 232 Views
Published on 30 Nov 2022 / In Travel and Events


This is so sad...
They did not even bother to organize an xray image machine to identify the source of the positive results... just like ICAACT.ORG
These gatherings are made out to be a farce as the Freemasons giggle and snicker at the sacrificed sheeple.

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JamesRoss 2 months ago  

And now the fake Covid-19 is just ramping up the "Satan's Sheep Slaughter".

The Luciferian's Strong's Concordance says C=3=Abaddon or the "Angel of the Bottomless Pit= Homo capensis; Ovid is Latin for "sheep"; the concordance says 19 = "Slaughter".

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