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Sickness & Soul Damage: The Inner Man

Resurrection Life of Jesus Church
Published on 15 Feb 2023 / In Spiritual

The human brain is a computer consisting of protein that is housed within the physical body. It is used for motor control, language and to formulate thoughts, and yet it is the soul, not the physical brain, which is the “real you.”

The Bible refers to the inner man as “the soul” which expresses itself through the physical brain. The memories stored on the brain are also stored by the spiritual mind of the inner man. The spiritual mind is divided into two parts: the soul section and the spirit section.

An unsaved person with a dead spirit is only able to use the soul section, but they are still able to function, think and create things on earth. It is not until a person is born again that the dead spirit comes alive and they receive the ability to communicate with the Holy Spirit with the spirit section of the spiritual mind.

The physical body will die but the inner man has infinite value and that is why God the Father sent Jesus to pay for the sins of mankind.
Sermon Outline:

RLJ-1454 -- JULY 27, 2014
Sickness & Soul Damage Part 6: The Inner Man

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