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SHOCKING, Senior Nurse whistleblower explains why the Covid Vaccination Program is Genocide.mp4

The Waterbearer
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Published on 19 Apr 2021 / In Health

UK Column News - 14th April 2021

Senior Nurse, her job has been threatened she reports directly to her line manager who sits at executive level. Worked as a research nurse. She started to ask questions about the safety of the jabs but found staff members where just listening to managers and not asking questions. After being called up to serve in the roll out of the 'Jabs' (she will not refer to them as vaccines because she says they are not) she read the trial protocols and their interim analysis data and quickly discovered there were flaws in the design of the Pfizer jabs and all the jabs.

A passionate message to all health professionals remember the Hippocratic Oath you were asked to accept on joining the medical profession. This is a shout out to you. Remember you are the advocate for your patient, if you believe you are being coerced to carry out a task you know what is not right but you can't find anyone to support you. Please don't accept you have to put up and shut up and get on with 'the job'. You will not be the first health professional to call the jab roll out 'genocide'.

A final thought. It's not IF the Nuremberg MkII Trials will commence its WHEN.

Whistleblower please share your information,

UK Column

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