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SHOCKING: Police Officer Wants Me To Change The Subject Because It Was Offending People

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Published on 20 Jan 2020 / In Film and Animation

i have had "the run around" with this police department (PAPD) in the pass in this same area (exchange place light rail station) the last time i was at this location was in the summer of 2019 and they did'nt come to me and talk, they called another police department to try and removed me because they had no power to do it since i was not on their territorial jurisdiction. now they see me again, first asking me to change the topic of what i was talking about then asking to turn down the volume where no one can hear. point is this, we know it's the devil using these folks to try and handle me but s always when you operate as a believe by the spirit, nothing can removed you or what you do unless God allows it.


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