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Shocking footage of a waterspout in the city of Cienfuegos, Cuba.

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Published on 03 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

In the afternoon of Saturday, October 16, a powerful waterspout was sighted over the Bay of Jagua, which according to the images and videos received touched the surface of the water in the area between Cayo Carenas and Punta Calicito, a place known as Los Paredones, the latter on the Southwest coast of the Bay. A few minutes before, information on the rapid development of a storm over Cienfuegos was issued, indicating high reflectivity values.

The waterspout began to develop at the edge of 4:50 pm and lasted an approximate time of 8 minutes until it reached the sea, being observed from much of the province by the height of the base cloud. It is worth noting that it quickly dissipated so it did not affect territory on land. Therefore, no damages of any kind are reported. Countless photos and videos of the phenomenon have been received, which have been published on the different social networks of the Provincial Meteorological Center and the Institute of Meteorology.

This situation was due to the formation of storm areas in the afternoon, due to the warming of the day and local factors, encouraging convective processes and giving rise to storms with severe manifestations. Although it is true that the increase in the ways to report this type of phenomenon may indicate an increase in reports, this year there has been an increase in the occurrence of these events, since it is the 8th report between waterspouts and tornadoes in this 2021 in the province.

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