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Shocking FOIA Results 11 Million to Bribe OB-GYNs to Lie to Moms About Safety of MRNA-Vaccines

Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby - 215 Views
Published on 31 Aug 2023 / In Health

Dr. Naomi Wolf interviews Dr. James Thorp. Dr. Thorp reveals FOIA results: $11 million to bribe OB-GYNs to lie to pregnant moms about often-abortifacient MRNA injections.


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Nancy Simmons
Nancy Simmons 3 months ago

Thank you Ms. Linda. I hope mother's now are WOKE to this medical CON JOB. God's blessings on you both always. Love you. Maranatha ✝️

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Family777 3 months ago

My daughter's doctor gave her the jab when she was pregnant. I told her not to get jabbed. She told me she didn't. My grandson was born and immediately had to have help to breathe. He was in the NICU for I don't know how long but after weeks he was able to go home. At least he lived. Thank God. He'll be two years old soon, we have the same birthday. September 11.

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Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby 3 months ago

Praise the Lord! Keep an eye on him, no tellin' what's hidding from the jab.! What a birthday surprise you had in 2001!! Well, happy upcoming birthday hun!

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