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Shipyards Non-Compliance Festival to Vaccine Poisonings, North Vancouver, Sept. 25, 2021

JamesRoss - 126 Views
Published on 28 Sep 2021 / In Travel and Events

North Vancouver, Canada Sept. 25, 2021 The Shipyards Festival
Next, Non-Cult People must replace Secret Freemasonic Authortity Hivemind must be identified and tried for War Crimes. WWIII is the Hivemind of Secret-Societies all linked together by their rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel. aka Musical Freedom Festival.
People coming together in music and harmony. No restrictions, no fear just love and acceptance for all. Refreshing!!!
Hats off to the organizers of this event for creating a moment where everyone is equal and no politicking.
Kudos to Bedouin Soundclash for their upbeat crowd pleasing tunes your guys are awesome!

In the meanwhile, an Eral's dinner commits a crime with Freemasonic-guided Agents-of-the-Crown or the Satan-race is the "Crown".

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