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Services for Captain Carter Conley

Michael Williamson
Michael Williamson - 45 Views
Published on 16 Sep 2021 / In People and Blogs

Kentucky county lost 50 year veteran 1st responder to a BREAKOUT case delta variant , both spouses had been vaccinated, Are we doing all we can, with protocols being CENSORED using early treatment like LOADING DOSE D3 IV high dose C & Yes HCQ ZINC Quercetin IVERMECTIN , not to mention all the risk factors to consider with rigged food laced with Fructose the liver cannot deal with such unsafe amounts in Gatorade, pop JUICY "JUICE" ... since the 1980s what has "Big Food" done to us? Turn us into a battery for the profit matrix it certainly seems. Many of the meds folks are on make ACE II receptor issues worse and SARScovII is let right in, with ACE inhibotors, statins ARBs ask a expert like Triple Board Cetertified Zach Bush of Hi there's a Del Bigtree interview where he runs down the risks and reasons to go off such prescriptions in that risk categories

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