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SENTENCE for trying to overthrow the PRESIDENT and CRIMES against HUMANITY!

Exposing Corruption
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Published on 12 Jan 2021 / In Entertainment

SENTENCE for trying to overthrow the PRESIDENT and CRIMES against HUMANITY!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 16 days ago

Check Point Charley

Delta Gamma One was the call over the Radio as the U.N. Troops marched across all Blue Eyes States in these 50 STATES FLAGS for America at war with the UNITED STATES of America U.S. FLAG that had become the “Strangest” World Police Military known as U.N. Peacekeepers of the United Nations INTERNATIONAL Mafia of the {Southern Hemisphere} as FREE MASON Lodges of JADE HELM 15 rendered on as (COVID19) in INTERNATIONALIST Code Went [Block to Block] with their FREE MASON C.O.P.S. of G4S doing “Knock Knocks” looking for any and all humans with Blue Eyes…, It was evident that eventually even all Brown Eyed People and Green Eyed Humans would be taken to FEMA WALMART CAMPS, so these [BLACK DOT EYED] People would become the NEW NORMAL on all TV Shows, and Tik Tok Types of Social Media for Machine People were continually coming through the INNER EARTH “by way” of all these REX 84 Underground Tunnels, and WE THE PEOPLE had no choice but to get the INJECTIONS and blend in, or end of up DEAD DEAD DEAD…

For a long time, we The Rag Tag Rebellion {did our best} to not get the COVAX and all other Alterations of Medical Sterilization, but when our “Food Supplies” wore out by 2025, and the Faked Alien Invasion of PROJECT BLUE BEAM had put all countries on LOCK DOWN for over 4 years, it was decided to keep the Human Population “alive” on this Northern Hemisphere of FLAT EARTH in this Celestial Sphere A Prevision called PURGATORY……., that we would have too hide our young, and most healthy, so they could continue to [procreate] be they Light Skin too Dark Skin people, and we did… I myself had already had a Vasectomy, so I went and got the WHO / CDC Peacekeeper Vaccinations, so I could work at the less oppressive {Work Camps} where you could come and go, and I was able to use my Tracer App / CONTACT Tracing too buy food and drink and shelter, and we had our NON-VAXXED [come and go] with the needs that would allow them to feed their Human non-sterilized children…

We had planed all this out as: The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition that the [Machine People] from the Other Side of FLAT EARTH could not READ minds, and since all Androids and Robots people were “Narcissistic” and belonged to these OUT POST the freemason lodges of JADE HELM 15, ummm I meant (COVID19)’ we found ways to keep our children free of sterilization…..., so our offspring might be among the LAST HUMANS in the world by 2077 C.E. too make it to 2094 C.E. when the TIME MACHINES sent all remaindering Humans and Life Forms in their (5G Bubbles) back 200 years to 1893 A.D. at the End of the MUD FLOOD WARS where incubator babies abound, but this time….., we would take THE BOOK OF EXODICE Back in time with us, so Our Science and Religion of {Pak-Toe} would be known long before 2021 A.D., and in that: we settled in for WORLD WAR FOUR in 2025… You see a Cylon of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones can not appreciate the “nuances” of well thought out CODE + Magic + Alchemy = Sorcery too put an end to all these so called GODS and GODDESSES whom call themselves INTERNATIONALIST, but we the few did…

As 2021 C.E. came to an end, the streets were empty, no one [ventured] into the Mega Cities, unless, you had an IMMUNITY PASS PORT, and the 50 States “of and for” America were now under full OCCUPATION by the U.S. FLAG of the {NEWS} World Order Military Empire of FREE MASON Lodges, and though America was nothing more then A Dream within A Dream, We The People had the time to make A SYSTEM within “this” System of Sedition – Treachery – Iniquity, and as we know the many are LOST, Damned, Cursed, and Forsaken…. Before the Oracle for the END of this Age died, he wrote The Book of EXODICE to be {taken back} in the Next Oraborus De-Ja-Vu TIME LOOP, and those people will have all the knowledge we have now, and if this last Great Nuclear Hydrogen WAR does not end all life in 2094, than maybe WE THE PEOPLE can heal the dirt, the land, the water ways, and the air, and return our Home World of Planet Earth to the {PRE MUD FLOOD} life of Sky Trains, and Sky Rails with Ships to Sail too Booth Sides of FLAT EARTH, or at lease use the PORTALS from this side to the other` once in a while: as we rebuild The Northern Tribe and Kingdom “finally” at Peace with the Southern Tribe and Kingdom…

Johnny Exodice


REMEMBER this my children and people of Pak-Toe, these Doppelganger [Anti Humans] do not have Imagination – creativity, nor RESOURCEFULNESS for they are The Racka……., but we the Real Persons can imagine THE WAY to live on beyond {2021 to 2025} that is WW4 for all intended purposes regardless if they do not do “another” Great Nuclear Hydrogen War from 1853 to 1854 that ended in 1855, so if these things (do happen) [{**}] in 2053 to 2054 and ends in 2055.?.?.?

Numbers can be changed as easily as Our {13 Month Calendar} of 28 Days each was changed into a 12 MONTH Calendar with mismatched days and “dates” for all their HOLLOW Holly Days of REPEAT Christmas... REPEAT Halloween... REPEAT Valentines... in their never ending [punishment] from the NEW TESTAMENT Called: Forever and ever till the END OF TIME in 2094, so take head how we do so too speak in code….

The Society of nonmason~

It is TIME to buy what you {can hold onto} +=+ for WHAT GOOD IS MONEY if you can not, or ARE NOT “allowed” too Spend it…

The Sentinel...

† ///|||\\\ Ω

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