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See the world's first 3,200-megapixel photos taken in a single shot

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 132 Views
Published on 20 Nov 2020 / In Film and Animation

Scientists are putting the finishing touches on the world's largest digital camera, which will spend 10 years mapping the night sky and billions of undiscovered galaxies.

3,200-megapixel photos: https://stanford.io/2IXNIII

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

When You live inside a Marble known as the Celestial Sphere called: PLANET Earth

You look at the Orbs, and the Luminaries in the Night Skies, and you wonder if the Stars and Wandering PLANETS are just other “Celestial Spheres” you can no longer attain….., or return too.?.?.? You look at the Egg of the Human Female…..., and know you began as a {Celestial Sphere} yourself where you chose a Tad Pole known as the Sperm of Mankind to come into Existence in this place of Madness, Lunacy, and “Human” Waste where WE THE PEOPLE are raised on Fantasy by the Fantasist known as that FREE MASON Lodge in our home town whom are nothing more then other Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Men and Wombmen whom [lie to your face] About all Things as THEY LIVE: these Fake Jews from the Book of Revelation CONTROL all these {NEWS} World Order “TV Screens” since the end of the MUD FLOOD WARS in World War Two…

I must say: I do find it much more “reliable” +=+ too write my thoughts as The Oracle for the End of this place now that I no longer have to try and save The Human Race for through EUGENICS The People of Blond Hair and Blue Eyes, and Red Hair and Green Eyes, are no more……., and though I would spread {my seed} [{**}] far and wide too give my “Blue Eyes” to one and all…., all the other Humans in this World Just want to watch (TV SHOWS) of Love and Hate and Celebrate why did My BROWNS EYES and BLACK HAIR ONLY “Happen” when they known not that the Machine we are all Born into…….., did it too them… Too be certain..., I would love to BLAME Man Kind.., but Christ Jesus said: Father Why have you abandoned me [knowing] / * \ This Machine of Father Earth and Mother Heaven was no more then A “Holographix” Virtual Reality SIMULATION Dream…

The Skies are [sprayed] [{*}] with CORPORATE CAPITALIST Waste……..., and it is the Cause of this (COVID19) that is killing us all in the once and proud TARTARIAN Human Race, but do THEY LIVE STOP buying {Stocks and Bonds} and making Plastics and Metals.?.?.? At what point do you have enough STUFF?????, or is Hording all the Rich and Famous know how to do???? I mean, WAR IS MURDER, and Murder is against the Supreme Courts of every U.N. FLAG Corporation in their Mitigation of LITIGATION since the ACT OF 1871 made OUR United States FOR America into the {USofA} where Abraham Lincoln sits in a Stolen Chair of Marble and Stones: as his hands Rest on the Memories of “The Scrolls” in their Bundles wrapped with Lace saying in Symbolic Grace: Protect the Knowledge, and you [my people] will not live in VAIN….. where human life means nothing, and Collateral Damages are the Reason World War Four ended it all…

You see’ we do not NEED money too make our way… Moreover, do any of you People on TV in your ZOOM CHANTS Screens even exist.?.?.? For if you were not FREE MASON, then maybe you too could [resist] as we The Society of nonmason do, where we say: The Sky is dying, The Land is Dying, and the Water is filled with your CORPORATE Capitalism of WAR IS MURDER filth, and is this not enough reason to STOP all your {Lies Agreed Upon} /-\ for War will only add MORE POLLUTION and Covid19 Toxic Corporate Capitalist Waste, and as YOU PEOPLE seek to have more, and more, and more, you only live to take, and take, and take, and you wonder “why” the Moon is but A REFLECTION of this Night Mare we all seek too escape???? If G.O.D. can make a Marble, and Put it in the Sky, and Than light it up with {his and her} soulful Machine EYES Where it Shimmers and Dances like the Angels and Demons in Heaven of this Hell: whom are you my MORTAL Corporeal Carnal Person [too destroy] what Your God has Given unto you???

Johnny Exodice


Remember, Remember, The 5th of December 2020 A.D. where Christ Jesus “RETURNED” surrendered too PURGATORY……., so he and his people of Pak-Toe would be allowed to go home whence he and they died in Body – Mind and Soul too all that is WRONG in this place, but woe unto you’m whom seek to do Racka as you Fill YOUR Mouths with the Riches of Destruction, Damnation, and Machines – Machines – Machines for you are The LOST too we: your Brothers and Sisters, your Mothers and Fathers, your children whom WE ARE [no longer seek] too PLAY YOUR masonic WAR GAMES of Death, Damnation, and DESTRUCTION…

The Society of nonmason~

We Are Pak-Toe… We don’t do Racka… We Take Them OUT!!!

We Are REVELATION… We do not forgive… WE DO NOT COMPLY!!!! Game Over~

The Sentinel…


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