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Secret-Society Liars Would Not Fabricate Bigfoot Evidence

JamesRoss - 79 Views
Published on 22 Sep 2022 / In Pets and Animals

Freemasons secretly control politics, police, military, mass media, education, universities, medical facilities, fire departments... have you figured this out?

But these control-freak thUgs would not fabricate Bigfoot Evidence?

The time for the sheople to grow-up to face reality... is before the clot-shots genocide them all.
Things like flat-earth and bigfoot are just mind-jobs to keep the sheople minds wandering within crap. Cult thUgs will defend the crap and poke fun, while secretly snickering, at the sheople who begin questioning the obvious deception... while defying the truth... that is how the masonic sheepdogs herd the sheep towards the slaughter-house.

Dumbed-down people are easier to genocide. This is why the Mystery School Cult minions pump this crap out.

The Freemasons and other Cult thUgs do not want the non-Cult people realizing their secret brainchip hivemind communication system controlled by A.i. Yes, an A.i. supercomputer is becoming the governance system of the NWO with the ancient devils in control of that A.i. beast of indifference to their hatred of Nature and self-righteous greed. They orchestrated the killed off of the native mankind Earthlings and spliced their genetics into them to create new species of woman which they could interbreed with to survive the Velikovsky "Worlds In Collision"... but the Homo sapiens offspring were infertile to Homo capensis sperm. Thus our species was allowed to prosper until the cataclysm were over. The last thunderbolt took out Atlantis and killed the A.i. supercomputer. The Freemasonic sheepdog minions rebuilt that Tower-Of-Babel(TOB)

You see, the sheople are so twisted that they would sooner believe in the lies rather than the truth.


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