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SECOND Letter Warning France Of Civil War Emerges, 58% Of French people Agree Civil War Is Coming

Tim Pool
Tim Pool - 154 Views
Published on 11 May 2021 / In News and Politics

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Unreconstructed 1 month ago

You cannot live in peace with Islam, You either submit, convert, or die. Islam is a counterfeit religion that was created so that Mohamed could unite the Bandit tribes that followed him, and later to unite the Arab tribes. Mohamed might have been illiterate, a child rapist, and a false prophet, but he was smart enough to see how monotheistic religion united the Jews that is up until the Jews were scattered by the Romans. Mohamed saw how Christianity united the gentiles, well that until Constantine said it's my way or the highway. Mohamed desired to unite the Arabs and used a made up monotheistic religion to do it. Mohamed learned a lesson from both the Jews, and the Christians, and that lesson was that sectarianism would eventually destroy the uniting force of the religion. That is why no one was allowed to challenge or contradict Mohamed's teachings while he was alive. Once Mohamed croaked and was out of the picture Islam split anyway. The split in Islam was more about who would could consolidate their power in the wake of Mohamed's death. You cannot live in peace with these people unless you are willing to live as a third class citizen ( and pay extra taxes for the privilege not to have any rights under Islam ) or you can convert to Islam, or you can die.

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hamburg 1 month ago

hoax made by segolene royal and hollande galvanizing false media wave around hidalgo candidacy to avoid lepen election
blaming macron and ump to be responsible for covid hoax, lockdown and mask fake news because of scientology cult membership^aganst europe
hoax of course promoted by english media to feel less alone after brexit

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