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Se6 Ep103 JCBW SATURDAY Night Southern Torpedo

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Published on 20 Jul 2020 / In Gaming

Here we go folks finally on UGETube! I couldnt upload over the weekend! :) Changes coming to the show real soon! Positive but NON-Political Correct ones! Just going to focus on what makes America Great! Stay tuned! #AllLivesMatter

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 6 months ago

The Rise of the Phoenix

I don’t know why FREE MASON would condemn their Grand Children, and their Children to all die out in the year 2094 C.E., but this is all [the hijacking] #QANON /_\ of our NATIONS by the FREE MASON Lodges of the INTERNATIONALIST “have done” for the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia where Globalist with their {Fake Space} / * \ agenda killed, and murdered all OUR ANCESTORS be we FREE MASON or not……..., and in the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854…….., the MUD FLOOD Weather Weapons of HARRP - DARPA - NASA - Ratheon too name just a few BLUE EYES only calling [all the Shots] [{**}} from the Bill GATES OF HELL (COVID19) Vaccines to the Green Eyed Trump saying the U.S. FLAG CDC can murder way more “U.S. Citizens” then their U.N. WHO……., so Pence……, and his Corona “Bat Snake” SPACE COMMAND will make sure all NATO Allies die with BLUE EYES…

Now….., for Generations The Blue Eyed people {have oppressed} +=+ we the BROWN EYES…., and our BLACK HAIR only Populations since the End of their COLONY Attacks in WORLD WAR ZERO…, and then WORLD WAR ONE.., and WORLD WAR TWO., and how can you do WAR IS MURDER without making, and building Weapons of “Mass Destruction” /-\ as The U.N. FLAGS of the United States has so done where THEY LIVE dropped Nuclear “Hydrogen Bombs” on all WE THE PEOPLE of Japan.?.?.? If you will look at the STATE OF THE UNION, it is always these BLUE EYED People harming, harassing, and not allowing EDUCATION To “Brown” Eyes BLACK HAIR only people no matter what U.N. FLAG of the WORLD POLICE, and their Peacekeeper “U.N. Troops” conscript We Brown Eyed, and BLACK HAIR ONLY People, Persons, and Populations to kill one another for these BLUE EYED “Corporations” of Banks, Religions, and Governments…

The CNN FOX BBC Would have you focus on their {NEWS} World Order, but as a Student of OUR STORY it is very evident these BLUE EYES People have “always” oppressed, and sanctioned, and denied we the “Brown Eyes” and BLACK HAIR ONLY people any rights from HONG KONG where Green Eyes Trump said: HONG KONG is now “Owned” by MADE IN CHINA, so Chinese can kill Chinese in this (COVID19) Military Martial Law we BROWN EYES, and BLACK HAIR ONLY People find ourselves, and not only that, look to South America.?.?.? Why do BLUE EYES run these lands, or The Middle East from “ISRAEL” To Palestine??? What of Asia, and the Continent of Africa??? Do so tell me BLUE EYED MAN and GREEN EYED WOMBMAN why are we the BROWN EYES and BLACK HAIR ONLY “always” the ones Victimized by your U.N. World Empire Corporate Military?????

You can say what you want, but we BROWN EYES and BLACK HAIR ONLY People, Populations, and Persons do so “outnumber” OUR OPPRESSORS these Blue Eyed and Green Eyed people by 10,000 to 1 and if any group had “the ability” to take down all the FLAGS of the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of FREE MASON Lodges it would be WE THE PEOPLE of Brown Eyes, and BLACK HAIR ONLY to set up the foundation stones “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition for it seems since the Oldest known HISTORY the Blue Eyes are making all the People Miserable “with their” FREE MASON Lodges of the KKK, and BLACK LIVES MATTER Antifa TV SHOW!!! Theretofore, if we BROWN EYES organize, and Nationalize then we BLACK HAIR ONLY people might have a “Chance” at World Domination just as the BLUE EYED People…

Johnny Exodice


Do be Careful BROWN EYES and BLACK HAIR ONLY People cause Evil Spirits in the Human Body Temple AVATAR can change their Eye Colours…

The Sentinel…


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