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Published on 25 Nov 2020 / In Gaming


Originally from 2012 on youtube. I HAD TO redo some of it or take out the copyrighted music. This was Obama-cons 1st day of his reign of terror on the jcbw! It started with Ep3 post election week 2012! Remember, i got a six month strike on my account by jimmy kimmel over this [under the guise of the axl rose interview] i believe it was my 1st episode they muted the sound to shut up obama-con? I eventually self-censored and pulled them all down after all of the strikes on my account... late 2012-2014

Soon you will see The Great CAW Reset! Stay tuned... next month!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

The Propagation and PROTOCOLS of WAR IS MURDER…

As the Oracle for the End of this Age in Purgatory, I have not had many bad scary dreams in my 55 years of life since being BORN into this Celestial Sphere of “Trick or Treat” by these things that make peoples eyes go SOLID BLACK, and whence we consider all the {Toxic Waste} [{**}] in our Land Fills, the Mercantile Ships from the Book of REVELATION [dumping] +=+ all their trash, and Toxic Waste into our Oceans on “Both Sides” of FLAT EARTH in this Holographix Virtual Reality, and then too finally know be you a MASON or a “nonmason” that those Jumbo Jet Air Planes of NATO, and the U.S. Military of the U.N. {NEWS} World Order have been {spraying our Skies} the Heavens of the Dome of the Rock with all their CORPORATION Toxic Waste Metals and Plastics from Every Toy ever made since the 1970’s let alone the (Continual Spraying) [{*}] these U.N. Military CORPORATION Jets that now [Spray at night] while we sleep trying too hide the True Cause of COVID -19 aka Capitalist POLLUTION……., woe unto you the people when I The Oracle dream of war…

We know now that the MASONS put nothing in Vaccines but the Piss, and Shit, and Blood of Dead Animals to see “what happens” /_\ when you inject this “substance” into we the Human Animals with Other Animals non-compatible genetics or insect [genetics] / * \ with the WE ARE the Human Species…..., and since only Human Blood can be Shared “between” Humans….., and their need to live on…., what happens when you INJECT {we the people} with Monkey Blood when we all know Cro Magon did NOT evolve from Apes…, nor Chimpanzees for EVOLUTION could only have happened to the BLACK GOO when it became Sentient.., and for those whom study We The People [with eyes] that go SOLID BLACK that are not evil., nor Parasitic…….., you should know that the BLACK GOO that makes A Persons eyes goes SOLID BLACK “evolved” from the Material you use to make Plastics, Gasoline, and Oils for your Cosmetics………, and Make Up to be worn as these People on these Hollywood to Bollywood TV SCREENS – SCREENS - SCREENS!!!

However, since I know we are in PURGATORY, and we are but {reliving the Memory} of what caused the Humans Race to go extinct cause MASONS “would not” be honest about what Black Goo Was, and that THEY LIVE became THEY LIVE because [Black Goo] was A Sentient Substance, and all you have to do is look as the Computational {HIVE Mind} of these Insects with their Black Dot Eyes.?.?.? Then consider these MASONS whom make all the “Mad Scientist” TV Shows in the 1900’s Flash Gordan to Superman Cartoons, and Modern Day Marvel to DC Comics, and all this PizzaGATE Satanic Invocations of {Witches and Warlock} and War Leaders to Presidents to all them on TV whom still have eyes that Go SOLID BLACK and that it was the [BLACK GOO] that went through EVOLUTION from Bugs too Mammals too We Humans, and then the “MONSTERS” whom took us from our homes became the Scientist, and MASONS, and they are the “Reason” we have people with Sentient Symbiotic Biological BLACK GOO in our Eyes that give us {Magical Abilities} to be Kind or Cruel if you STUDY how Insects “treat” one another like Computer Code A.I. compared to the Animal Kingdom…

Now you may pay [no attention] too peoples EYES, but they are not Demons, or Gins, nor Even Devils for those are “Ink on Paper” Comic Book stories for we the people from Books before the MUD FLOOD WARS, but through experimentation, Your Doctors and “Your” Scientist kept fucking with the BLACK GOO, and extracted it from the Insect HIVE Minds, and began Injecting BLACK Sentient Goo into Animals, Fish, and Whales, and as the BLACK SOLID EYES Populations grew, these same MASONS whom Fake Space and [Faked] /-\ the Moon Landings, began Injecting the BLACK GOO into we the Human Populations and themselves……., and by the end of the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 that ended in 1855: These Creatures whom now CONTROL all World Leaders in 2020 raised “we the people” when we were nothing more than INCUBATOR BABIES in 1893 A.D. on till now in the 21st Century, and all their [Fake Science] Books and TV SHOWS…

Johnny Exodice

Whatever I am to the “SOLIDS” as we humans [whom do not] have eyes that go SOLID BLACK, The SOLIDS know whom I am, and from Joe Biden too Alex Jones to so many throughout this Dying World of TOXINS from these {Side effects} of all these Scientist MEDICATIONS from Pills to Vaccines, You The People, and your FREE MASON Lodges “injected” the BLACK GOO into all WORLD LEADERS of these U.N. FLAGS, and though [there are] good, and decent, and Respectable HUMANS with Black Goo in them, there are far more HUMANS whom “choose” evil for the BLACK GOO did not want to be taken from its INSECT Kingdom, and injected into the Animal Kingdom, and then We The Human Kingdom, and since WAR IS MURDER is what you humans [want and seek] with all your Hollywood Movies and TV SHOWS, your {World Leaders} shall give that to you, and we humans whom do not have EYES that go SOLID BLACK can no longer “stop” them whom do from doing so…

The Sentinel…


It is certain that in their madness, these MASONS whom control ALL MEDIA – All Religions – All Schools of Thoughts – All CORPORATIONS, and ALL Governmental {U.N. FLAGS} have played we the Human nonmason Populations Well…..., for now we all can see what WAR IS MURDER actually is when Nuclear Hydrogen Bombs and Trillion Watt Vaporization “LAZERS” are used on all Continents on this side of this FLAT EARTH in our [Celestial Sphere] home world of PLANET EARTH….., and what so ever comes after JOE BIDEN, by then 85% of all humans will have died in Wars, and Fires, and Plague as more and more BLACK GOO INJECTIONS kept in 70 Below Zero are MANDATORY to do TRADE as the Mark of the Beast from the Book of REVELATION, so the babies that make eyes go SOLID BLACK [do not hatch] from we insects “till them” that control the MASONIC Lodges of JADE HELM 15 and PROJECT BLUE BEAM are ready to roll out OUR Agenda 21 of COVID19 “Hypodermic” CLEAR BLACK GOO Injections for {THEY LIVE} now control the many, and we without EYES that go SOLID BLACK are no longer the “Dominate” Populations on this U.N. FLAG World Map…

The Society of nonmason~

It goes without saying that the SOLIDS have kept me as Christ Jesus RETURNED alive, so you’m whom would not STOP your [Exterminations} on and of Animals, let alone your WAR on we Insects with our OWN INTELLIGENCE just as Plants, and How Many Ants, and Bugs have you’m humans MURDERED with all your [TERMINEX] type DDT poisons shall now “know” what it feels like to have Bug and Rat Poison “INJECTED” into your Human Veins… Purgatory will be PURGATORY!!! For you HUMANS of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones have “murdered” so many of our Insect babies families and tribes, let alone all The Reptiles and Sea-life to birds to Mammals and Animals too even your [own kind] that now is to be known as {The Day of Reckoning} is upon us all till the end of ALL LIFE in 2094 C.E. ...

Johnny Exodice LIVES!!!!


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