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SCYTHIAN GODS: The Iron-Age Religion of the Steppe Horse Lords // DOCUMENTARY

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Published on 18 Apr 2023 / In Spiritual

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Historical full length documentary on genetic origins of the nomadic steppe conquerors the SCYTHIANS - Learn about the ancient Scythian gods of Eurasia, and how the first nomadic horselords of the Ponto-Caspian Steppe practiced shamanism and offered animal sacrifices to their god of war!

Ancient Cannabis
Yamnaya faces
Horse sacrifice
Indo-European sky father
Slavic paganism

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theme song: Wolcensmen - Sunne
Altyn Tuu - Altai throat singing
Xurious - Steppe expansion
Kevin McLeod - Dhaka
Kevin MacLeod -Vadodara
Kevin MacLeod - Eastminster
Styrkr - Old Father
Styrkr - The Piercing Wind
Torulf - Rite of the Heart
Bark sound productions - ELD
Hildigaldra - Viking loop
Hildigaldra - We March For Tarmon
Joninių sutartinė - Kūkal rože ratilio
Khan Kurra - Little dragon
JR Tundra - Shesh Pesh
Sjhof - path to the temple
Ormgård - Sjálfsforn
Borg - The May queen enters the circle
Stark von Oben - Praetorian Germanicus
Doug Maxwell - Arabian Nightfall
Doug Maxwell -Hon Kyoku
Doug Maxwell - Lau Tzu Ehru
Chris Zabriskie - The Theatrical Poster for Poltergeist III
Elegiac - Ashwind Interlude

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:44 Origin of the Skythians
00:05:26 Phenotype and admixture
00:07:43 Religious syncretism
00:10:42 Proto-Indo-Iranian religion
00:13:37 Sources for Scythian religion
00:16:21 Tapati/ Tabiti the fire goddess
00:23:32 Papaios the sky father
00:26:24 Api the earth mother
00:27:17 Artimpasa
00:35:21 Snake legged goddess
00:37:08 Skythian Ares
00:40:57 Skythian Hercules - Targitaos
00:44:13 Skythian Apollo - Goitosyros
00:45:25 Barrows, sacrifices and rituals
01:01:03 Shamanism
01:14:51 Conclusion

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Quite a video. Thank you

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