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SCOTUS and the Coming Mandatory Vaccines | BNBS | 17

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Published on 01 Aug 2020 / In News and Politics

Many of us have been comforted on the question of mandatory Covid 19 vaccinations by President Trump's assurances that vaccines will not be mandatory, but there is at least one way that Trump can be trumped, and that is by a ruling of the US Supreme Court. I believe SCOTUS has just telegraphed its intent to mandate Covid 19 vaccines in a future ruling.

On Friday, July 24th the US Supreme Court issued its ruling in Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley v Steve Sisolak, Governor of Nevada, et al. It was a 5-4 decision in which the snake John Roberts swung the court to the left yet again, upholding an egregious double standard in Covid 19 restrictions on churches as compared specifically to casinos in response to an emergency appeal for an injunction against the governor's dictate by Calvary Chapel. As conservative Justice Alito noted in his dissent, there were numerous other categories of secular businesses which received favored status under Sisolak's order.

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