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Scorched Earth On A BitChute Comment Abuser. 🌍🌎🌏🐲🐉🔥😡😠👿

superdavebeastula - 349 Views
Published on 15 Feb 2022 / In People and Blogs

We have basically blocked this person on BitChute on account of making a VERY false allegation of us being pedos. You can say anything you like about us. You can say we are fat, you can call us the f slur, you can say that our argument sucks, and so on. The moment you accuse us of the p word we will block and obliterate you, not only from BitChute but from any other platform possible. Consider this as a warning.

The person in question is named JimB on BitChute. I am giving a heads up on other content creators on this platform. The only unfortunate thing is that I did not retrieve the link to this idiot. If somehow I do, I will put it in a pinned comment below.

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