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SCHUMANN RESONANCE ( Best of ) | 432Hz + 7.83Hz | Grounding, Stability and Harmony

The Human Collective
Published on 29 Oct 2022 / In Spiritual

#healingmusic #meditationmusic #schumannresonance #stressrelief #432hz #earth

This video is made at the request of subscribers. I sincerely hope you enjoy watching it 😊

Binaural Beats at the Schumann Resonance Frequency ( 7.83 Hz ) to be in harmony with the Earth. For meditation, stress relief and stimulating creativity. This is in the range of THETA brainwaves, good for meditation.

The audio in this video is created from a real binaural beat, made with a homemade generator programmed by myself.

The Schumann Resonance is a set of spectral peaks in the extremely low frequencies of the Earth's magnetic field whose wavelengths extend around the circumference of the Earth. This video is centered on the earth, to better feel the Schumann vibration.

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You can listen to this composition with or without headphones (better with stereo headphones).

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