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Scary! Deadly Attack - U.S. Marine's Super Powerful M142 HIMARS Rockets Live-fire

Johnny Exodice
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Published on 26 Oct 2020 / In Film and Animation

Scary video! Deadly attack - U.S. Marine's Super Powerful M142 HIMARS Rockets Live-fire

M142 HIMARS carries a single six-pack of rockets on the army's family of medium tactical vehicles (FMTV) 6x6. The HIMARS (launcher) consists of a carrier (automotive portion) and a Fire Control system (FCS) that computes all fire mission data and a Launcher-Loader Module (LLM) portion that performs all operations necessary to complete a fire mission. The launcher system is composed of two lines of three tubes launchers. The HIMARS can fire the standard MLRS round, but also the entire MLRS family of munitions, including the extended-range rocket, the reduced-range practice rocket and all future variants. It can also fire the extended range guided rocket GMLRS, with a range of more than 70 km. The HIMARS is also capable to fire the TACMS Tactical Missile with a maximum range of 300 km.

Design and protection
The front of the M142 HIMARS is fitted with a fully enclosed and armored cab, which provided protection against small arms firing and shell splinters.

The rocket launcher system M142 HIMARS is fitted to the 6x6 chassis of the medium tactical vehicles (FMTV) all-wheel drive 5t truck. The FMTV standard cargo truck is motorized with a Caterpillar C7 engine coupled to an automatic Allison 3700SP transmission with 7 speed.

HIMARS is C-130 transportable and can be deployed into areas previously inaccessible to heavier launchers. It also incorporates the self-loading, autonomous features that have made MLRS the premier rocket artillery system in the world. The HIMARS fire control system, electronics and communications units are interchangeable with the existing MLRS M270A1 launcher, and the crew and training are the same. HIMARS is equipped with as self-loading and autonomous system. The HIMARS is equipped with a fire control system which includes video, keyboard control, a gigabyte of program storage, and a global positioning system. The fire control computer allows firing missions to be carried out in automatic or manual mode.

Battle Action by Hunt Tones.
Produced by Hunt Tones.
Video Link : https://youtu.be/QfTFU5fkt4Q

The massive THANKS YOU to everyone for watching and all of your support!

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