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Sarsilmaz ST10: Poor Mans H&K Mark 23?

Nutnfancy - 9,063 Views
Published on 13 Mar 2021 / In Firearms

TD and I take shots with the SAR Arms SARST10 9mm. This is different gun having elements of an H&K, Beretta 92, and some others. It's made in Düzce, Turkey. The price is right and we keep this in mind on this value pistol. The interweb used to say this gun might be a stand in for an H&K Mark 23 .45 ACP. We never cottoned to the Mk 23...like never. But we consider how some, because of the special ops stink on that, gun still find it attractive.

The ST10 sports a big heavy aluminum frame that can host several calibers; it's not really size efficient with the 9mm. Of course the same could be said of the P226 and Beretta M92 (here with use). We'll consider all of that to produce some conclusions on the ST10 and talk about a few HOF alternatives.
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chas3001 8 days ago

I like the hk45 tactical with the "spiderman" grip, the mark 23 has a square grip and is just ridiculous if you actually hold one. Wouldn't mind a value hk type pistol tho.

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Gunny6 20 days ago

Thanks for the review of the Mark 23, I just thought this was going to be an F-22 review ....

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Combatant 20 days ago

In the first minute of this video:
Nutn: close your eyes... Imma put a gun in your hand.
TD: That's not a gun....

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forever49x 24 days ago

The M9 slide broke initially from poor alloy metal.
The MK23 pretty sure it had 'that' rail chosen before there really was a standardized rail 'everyone' used.

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Bodhi Searcher
Bodhi Searcher 20 days ago

They were using non stop beyond “plus P” ammo in their tests and exceeding 30,000 rounds. Many upgrades wedge made to the M9/92 since then.

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elites.less 27 days ago

So comments help on this platform or don’t they matter much?

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bestgear223 25 days ago

good question if I don't fall asleep Im going to look into it. I would be sad to see this Channel go away or slow down even a little.

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