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San Francisco Police Department's Killer Robots Authorized to Use Deadly Force | SFPD Seeks Approval

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Published on 01 Dec 2022 / In Technology

#SFPD Seeks Controversial Approval for Killer Robots | Robots that can Use Deadly Force in Dangerous Situations | Crime | Technology | Robotics | Law Enforcement Controversy

Imagine this for a moment: You are walking on a street in San Francisco. All of a sudden, there is a situation. A deadly terrorist is found hiding inside a posh city hotel. The deadly terrorist has already killed 5 police officers from the San Francisco Police Department. SFPD doesn’t know what to do. Would you ever like to be in such a situation? Well, guess what? You are lucky. Modern technology can come to your rescue. The San Francisco Police Department is currently seeking approval for "killer robots." Robots have been used in the past to diffuse deadly bombs. However, for the first time, a police department is seeking approval for the use of killer robots. These killer robots can be operated remotely and they can take down deadly suspects such as terrorists. They can shoot bullets at the target or even detonate explosives right next to the suspect. Should SFPD be allowed to use killer robots? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Subscribe to Videonium Sci-Tech for research that matters!

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Dangerous by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

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MAGAA777 2 months ago

Is the real reason they want ai is because people get hurt or killed? The objective is to get ai everywhere & agenda 21(my opinion)! If anyone is opposed to nwo, they will be taken care of(if you know what I mean?). This is de-moralizing, big time!

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MAGAA777 2 months ago

Their real objective is to get everyone in line with the NWO!

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