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Safe Fire Ratings Explained

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Published on 19 May 2023 / In How-to and Style

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How can you tell what a safe's fire rating is? What do all the Safe Fire Rating Numbers Mean? What is a 350 fire rating? What is a data safe's fire rating? How is that different from a standard safe's fire rating?

In this video we explain what the fire ratings for safes mean. We cover the Safe UL Fire Rating, The ETL fire rating, and the KIS/JIS fire rating classifications.

We also show data on whether or not a safes fire rating really makes it a fireproof safes.

A safes fire rating means that the content of the safe will not exceed the stated temperature for the specified period of time when the safe is exposed to a fire.

A safes fire rating is made of three components. The internal temperature that the safe will not exceed when in a fire, the length of time the safe will not exceed that temperature and the temperature that the fire rating test was performed at.

The UL fire rating for safes R-5573 is the gold standard. It is conducted at significantly higher test temperatures than the ETL and other fire rating classifications. This means that in a standard house fire the safe may actually perform longer (resist the heat of the fire) for a longer period of time than the safe is fire rated for.

The UL Fire rated safes also go under an explosion test. The must pass this test to get the UL certification. Optionally, the safes may also have a safe drop test done. This test is a 30' drop test to see if the safe opens and simulates the safe following through the floor of a three story building.

If you are not protecting valuables, but are focused on protecting paperwork, an inexpensive safe, like a Sentry safe will do the job just fine for you.

00:00 Intro
00:49 Where To Find the Safe Fire Rating
01:18 What Safe Fire Ratings Mean
02:30 Common Fire Rated Thresholds
05:08 Safe Fire Certification Agencies
06:18 Explosion & Drop Tests
07:48 How to Be Sure Fire Ratings Hold Up
09:25 Are Cheap Fireproof Safes any Good?

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