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Sacral Chakra | Light Language Activation Meditation

The Human Collective
Published on 30 Sep 2022 / In Spiritual

Headphones Recommended!

This meditation is a channeling of healing energy through the power of light language.
With this meditation you are able to activate, heal & align your Sacral Chakra also known as Svadhisthana!
Listen to this meditation for 22 days & you will see tremendous change in your energy. You will be much more grounded, centered & focused. Passion, creativity & ideas will flow through you more easily!
You will also know & feel more certain about which directions, people, events, situations etc.. are meant for you & which are not!
This will help you a lot with your self confidence. You'll feel more sexy & comfortable with just being you!

Music: Creator Studio Audio Library
Song: Sextile - Dreaming Blue
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