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Russian Soldiers Keep Stealing Washers and Dryers

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 14 May 2022 / In News and Politics

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Russia Is Counting Killed Soldiers as 'Missing' to Hide Losses: Ukraine

UATV English Phone Conversation

To hide its losses in war in Ukraine, russia puts killed soldiers on list of β€˜missing’ persons (audio)

Ukraine war: Russia pushed back from Kharkiv - report from front line

206th regiment of the Armed Forces of the Luhansk People's Republic abandoned their positions in the Kharkiv region and retreated to the state border of the Russian Federation.

Debacle On The Donets: How Russian Forces Got Obliterated Trying To Cross A River

A tally of Russian losses from the infamous failed Russian Siverskyi Donets river crossing near Bilohorivka.

A 12-ton turret of a Russian T-72B3 was sent flying and captured on Chinese state media Phoenix Television in Ukraine.

Darth Putin

Downed Russian fighter jets are being found with basic GPS 'taped to the dashboards,' UK defense minister says

1st part of a video showing NATO M777 howitzers at the front lines with UA forces.

Ukrainians Fire American M777 Howitzers At Russian Forces

Ukrainian soldiers have found a washing machine in one of the abandoned Russian trenches.

Amid the wreckage of Russian attack helicopter is... a dryer.

Surveillance video shows Russian forces shooting civilians

Ukraine conflict: Russian soldiers seen killing unarmed civilians

First Russian Soldier Suspected Of Murdering A Civilian In Ukraine To Face Trial

Russian Children Dressed Up

Ukrainian bomb-sniffing dog helps clear bombs l WNT

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