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Russia Kicked Out British Ship

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Published on 23 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

"Destroyer HMS Defender Incident Near Crimea"
"Russia's Black Sea Fleet and the FSB's border guard service on Wednesday stopped a violation of Russia's state border by the British destroyer HMS Defender off Cape Fiolent.
A patrol ship fired warning shots and a Sukhoi-24M jet dropped bombs, also in a warning gesture, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
It is important to pay attention to the time here: after the warning shots, the British ship went on the same course for another 11 minutes, until the Su-24 dropped four bombs in front of it, and only then the destroyer left Russian territorial waters.
The Defense Ministry summoned the British military attaché, and in parallel, the British military department said that nothing seemed to happen.
It would seem that before approaching the borders of Russia, the crew of the British destroyer had to recall the story of the attempt of the Ukrainian flotilla to break through to the Kerch Strait and, most importantly, the result of this attempt.
But, no, they didn't remember. In fairness, the destroyer of Her Majesty's Naval Forces is, of course, not Ukrainian rusty boats, but also the answer, as they say, by rank.
It is unlikely that such a provocation was possible without the consent of senior NATO comrades, that is, with Washington.
And let no one be fooled by the generally friendly tone of the recent meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States. It’s one thing to talk, and another thing to stop trying to test Russia’s strength.
The British 'we didn’t notice' reaction may well indicate that the signal has been taken into account.
By the way, the MarineTraffic service shows the path of the destroyer along with the approach to Cape Fiolent, a change in course, and then an unexpectedly rapid transition to Bahrain in just a couple of hours.
It is unlikely, of course, even with a fright one can achieve such speed, rather, someone is cheating with the defendant, but the change from a demonstration of force to a demonstrative flight also means something." - The Kremlin Stories

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