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ROM VL#20 Lake Greeson

Ride on Mena
Ride on Mena - 50 Views
Published on 30 Oct 2020 / In Travel and Events

This is another short run which goes South East and inlcudes Lake Greeson.
Lake Greeson (https://www.arkansasstateparks.....com/parks/daisy-sta

The run is 130 Miles and a about 3 hours total (at posted Highway speeds) ;-).
It also runs through Norman, Caddo Gap, Glenwood, Kirby, Daisy, Langley, Vandervoort, Cove and Hatfield.
There are some other towns in there as well, I did not list all of them.

CAUTION: At the time of this ride (Sunday, 5/31/2020) Highway 246 is showing some very rough conditions.
There is a lot of active logging going on and the west bound lane (the one we rode back) has a lot of
pot holes, lane destruction, etc. I think with all the rain and the activity of the ogging trucks, a lot of the outside
track is broken up. If you ride it within the next few weeks keep your track more to the center line.

For this video I went a little Jazzy. The music on the video is all jazz. I kinda like it!
All of the Music came with Pentium Studio 23 Ultimate (the video editing software I use) and is listed below.
Jazz/Blues - "Foot Tapper"
Jazz/Blues - "Loud and Proud"
Jazz/Blues - "Night People"
Jazz/Blues - "Rising Eagle"

I apologize for the volume on my voice-over audio. It comes in at a really low volume. I can't seem to get it correct.
I am blaming the microphone... :-)
I have a better quality one on the way so hopefully my voice-over audio will be much better in the future.

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