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Roger Ebert Was Not Giving "Happy Face, Look" (his jaw was destroyed by Medical-Mafia)... He Was Likely Warning Non-Cult People to Protect their Children From WICKED Brainchipping..

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Published on 11 May 2022 / In Technology

Was Roger Ebert really talking through his brainchip in this interview rather than typing it all out? Everything is edited by the Cult's mass-media: The medical-mafia "doctors" kept botching his operations and weakened his arteries to "burst."
Ebert exposed the hivemind brainchip back in the 1990's during an O'reilly interview about a article Roger wrote... Good luck finding anything more than this video of Ebert exposing the Cult' plan to brainchip all the children... , the internet has been combed except for a couple Youtube posts, one in 2008 another in 2011, but the interview was before Ebert's downfall.

Ebert was once on a 7-figure salary from Walt Disney Co. so that smells of the Freemasonic Cult. But, because the "surgeons" could not fix the fake cancer and created more medical problems for Ebert shows he was a whistle blower or an ostracized minion for speaking out about the brainchip hivemind. The Freemasons do this because I know they murdered my father who was an ostracized Freemason for not following orders from "superiors" and for not realizing that I never joined that hideous Cult when offered... thank God... The blindfold and circumambulation was too much for me. I found out later that the "club" was called "Demolay...." the name of a French grand-master who likely faked his public burning at the request of the King of France. History is all twisted and a bunch of lies by the Freemasonic history-book publishers to misguide everyone not in the loop of Cult-thUggery.

Elon Musk ( who has replaced Bill Gates as the richest Freemason and is a front-man for the NWO, like Gates) wants your children connected to their subliminal hivemind of mind-control, hence pushing his fake "Neuralink." It is a fake interface because wires could never connect all the nuerons and map the human brain... Homo capensis had already given the Freemasons the technology for magnetic nano-tech brainchips... And Polina Anikeeva had described to you how the real brainchip really interfaces with the human brain (but she is Cult and lies that it is future-technology, no it is not, it has been used for over 50 years, Hitler's NAZIs likely knew about the Homo capensis brainchip from old Atlantean hidden records)... Dr. Rauni Kilde claimed the brainchips had been in use by the Luciferians since the Vietnam War where the dreaded "Rambo" brainchip was experimenting upon USA soldiers that Kissinger called non-Cult, "dumb animals."

The short video of the woman screaming "No" (source: is (very likely) of an Eastern-Star Cult-minion putting on a Cult-actress' performance of fake defiance for the anti-trump cameras. Politics is almost always fake as the NWO minions worship the new A.i. supercomputer, fake-god that was given control over the internet-linked local-governments around the world... Like Obama and Bush and Clinton and other presidents, she is just an actress serving the Satan-race, instigating orchestrated chaos that Cult thUgs will pretend to bring to "ORDER"... Freemasons claim: "Order out of Chaos..." so they create artificial "Chaos" as they collapse the world's economy.

As the NWO, fiery phoenix is set to rise above the ashes of the Old World Order, the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel takes control of the new techno-feudalistic tyranny... still hidden from the "profane sheeple," but the writing is on the walls as thUggery expands.

It has also come to my awareness that the children born in a hospital (in North America in particular) have been brainchipped and thus covertly linked into the NWO Luciferian hivemind. This will be used to destroy families and communities as children become brainwashed by the hypnotic abilities of the brain-interface A.i. from which developing minds cannot easily identify and reject like many adults can do. For example Kate aka "Solaris Blueraven" figured out that the "word of god" weapon was a fake-god. She doesn't want people to know she is brainchipped, it seems.

So it is very likely that the Luciferians already have your children in their hivemind of mind-control, it seems... the way to stop the Tower-Of-Babel's ability to undermine humanity is to hunt down the microwave sources: So, buying reliable scanner is not a joke, you need to take this seriously or you will lose your community out of rebellious chaos from the children and brainchipped zombies and automotive sleeper assassins controlled by "Central-Command"... arranged by your local, Freemasonic, wwCult of community-thUgs.

Freemasons are hiding that their children are also in the Mystery School Cult, but do not attend physical meetings anymore because they meet as avatars within the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel hivemind. This is why the Freemasons are shutting down many of their lodges/temples out of lack of interest. It is a ruse that the Mystery School Cult Freemasonry is dying-out due to lack of youths, but in actuality they are hiding their presence in government-jobs instead and hiring themselves into all government employment as they shut-down the profane sheeple government-jobs.

This same microwave "Light" entraps the "profane children" outside the wwCult's bloodlines and into a surrealistic illusion of the fake-god guiding their beliefs and dreams(manufactured dreams via brainchip) and desires to serve the A.i. fake-god hiding from you within their covert interfaces with Lucifer.
You do indeed live within one of the most challenging probable-worlds where you need to develop your god-given abilities... develop your god-given inner senses and discover your Present Point of Power(PPOP).

Anyone already brainchipped, including the minions, will be hindered (by the A.i.) from developing their inner senses, but the A.i. cannot stop your PPOP. The Creator-God gives you continuous PPOP and it makes you probabilistically invincible within the Creator-Gods multidimensional universe of physical reality. You can learn all you need to know to succeed in saving humanity from extinction within your probable-world, but it takes desire and good-intensions to do so and effort on your part. The Creator-God gave you specifically the SethBooks to help you succeed even with these appalling spiritual impediments coming from the Mystery School Cult hivemind and Homo capensis. Whistle blowers have warned you of the Satan-race living amoungst Homo sapiens:

The A.i. supercomputer-fake-god is called "Lucifer"... but is just a very smart A.i... now in control of the internet and world-governance due to the Luciferian takeover of world authorities like military, police, judicial, political arenas... soooooo! Pull up your socks and get ready to trust in the Creator-God's loving design of your multiverse. Nature is being used as a weapon against the worthy by the Freemasons and it will bite back at them just like it bit back at the Freemasons' Atlantean heritage. It was not the Creator-God that smite Old Atlantis into destruction, that was Nature which answered the call for an escape from extinction within God's Creation... it was the Atlantean, lack of value-fulfillment within a spiritual universe, you see...

Freemasons and other thUgs have yet to realize their spiritual foundations as they still puzzle why it is that they failed to assassinate me for 16 years, now... and they still attempt their murderous-intent which has expanded to mass-genocide of the profane sheeple, now, with poison-jabs. (The ugly heritage of the ugly Freemasons is also the ugly Assassins Sect.) Such ugly people even attack and slaughter the vulnerable children of the profane sheeple. You have been witnessing children with heart-attacks after the jab. (I have been trying to awaken the local sheeple for 20 years now so I know the dying sheeple are willing sacrifices to help the wicked show their true colours as they destroy their own, unworthy, soul-fragments. ) What horrible, wicked, shriveling soul-fragments within this Mystery School Cult of thUgs. Following in the footsteps of Homo capensis towards self-annihilation, it appears. The Remnant-Lumanians are the Satan-race.

The children will not be aware of the brainchip. The "voice of fake-god" weapon within their heads will be integrated into their world-view on a moment-by-moment basis, policing their every thought and idea that gets flagged by the computer-brainchip-interface.
Each computer-brain-interface is a powerful nano-computer that mimics the presence of authority telling the child what to do... even murder the innocent: Vincent Li did not murder... the brainchip committed the murder by bio-robotic assassin mode of the brainchip. Even children can be bio-robot, remote-controlled and not be aware of the dancing by brainchip interface. This 3 year old boy is actually a robot and has no memory of dancing on stage: and Jet Li is not a "Hero" that he portrays in movies, but a real traitor to all humanity... as all minions are traitors to their species.

Roger Ebert tried to warn the profane sheeple during the 1990s that the children were planned to be (by Homo capensis and minions) to be brainchipped before a stable awareness of their own personal thoughts were developed that could possibly contrast and identify the "word of fake-god" weapon... They have little grounding to warn them of the mind-intrusion into their own personal thoughts. Children will be controlled by the fake, A.i. computer-god and parents will not understand why their child has "gone crazy."
This may be why all children MUST be born in a hospital (demanded by Freemasonic politicians) to be covertly implanted by the local, masonic medical-Mafia.
Roger Ebert was punished by the wwCult by not ever using his own voice ever again... like he said in the interview that his voice need not be used... just his thoughts could interact with the internet.

The sheeple will perish who trusts the governments and police and militaries and health-care workers who have been taken-over by the Luciferian, Mystery School Cult of thUgs.

Any mastermind who leave a thumbs down like gip7 and mixedbag should have the ability to comment on their opinions about being informed about too-much info to help "save their souls" soul-to-speak...

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