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Robbie Williams Talks Pizzagate to Anna Brees Part One

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Published on 26 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

Music megastar Robbie Williams gives this exclusive interview to Anna Brees, in one of the most heartfelt, insightful and courageous of his career.
Talking about the confusion and despair he feels when looking at content online. But also the potential for enlightenment, consciousness and awareness for those keeping an open mind. Calling himself an interested bystander, he believes the truth is changing every day, but he remains curious to explore so-called conspiracy theories around the sexual abuse of children by powerful politicians and high-profile celebrities. Expressing his concern that traditional mainstream media journalists are calling stories debunked conspiracy theories without doing adequate research.
He feels the music industry has been targeted and that the allegations won’t go away unless they are addressed. He discusses the direct accusations made against him around satanic symbolism and generally child sexual abuse within the music industry.
Anna Brees:

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